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2007-02-04Add a lot of documentation for static functions in trackerlogic.c. Make vector_remove_peer use hysteresis only, if pool is expected to grow again. Remove ↵erdgeist
too old torrents.
2007-02-04shortened the dmem debug outputdenis
2007-02-02made the output of the memdebug smallerdenis
2007-02-01clear the freed mempointerdenis
2007-02-01release memory for empty peer poolserdgeist
2007-02-01Forgot to take into account, that there are OT_POOL_COUNT debuggable pools in one torrent. Fixed.erdgeist
2007-02-01Reserved too few space to hold all data for a memdebugerdgeist
2007-02-01el cheapo vector debuggingerdgeist
2007-01-29We now answer as soon as the first \n is seenerdgeist
We do not copy input buffer to socket's input array anymore, if we find \n in first buffer We simplified parsing of input string We removed asserts that were needed to debug negative seeder counts We split static input and output buffers for obvious reasons We enlarged static output buffer to prepare multi scrape functionality We removed -lm from Makefile, this lib was only needed, when our random algorithm worked on floats We close fds now that come with an empty iocookie into write loop, those don't make sense We documented query string parser in opentracker.c a lot better to help auditing
2007-01-27really copy in new peer, even if it already existed, to remember its stateerdgeist
2007-01-27Asserts were always false :/erdgeist
2007-01-27Due to recent issues... assert() seed countserdgeist
2007-01-27account downloaded before early returnserdgeist
2007-01-27fix for corrupt fullscrape. did never work until nowdenis
2007-01-26Introduce another unspec'd command: sync which syncs the most recent peer pool for a torrent out. Do some variable type clean up. Do some code structure ↵erdgeist
clean up.
2007-01-25return random check back intervals to our clientserdgeist
2007-01-24Return empty dictionary for unknown scrapeserdgeist
2007-01-20Full scrape, kinda testederdgeist
2007-01-18From now the OT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT will be enforced, even if some data arrived inside this intervalerdgeist
2007-01-17Simple top5 by peers/seeders tableerdgeist
2007-01-16Prevent each invocation of clean_peerlist to call time()erdgeist
2007-01-16Use mrtg to do periodical cleanup. Hopefully that wont make too much load for stats.erdgeist
2007-01-16Rudimentary statserdgeist
2007-01-15set interval to default value from original trackerdenis
2007-01-13New, fixpoint distinct random algorithm for choosing peers from the list... may contain bugs. Feedback welcomeerdgeist
2007-01-12casting does floor() by itselferdgeist
2007-01-11Documentation improved, some reindenting (again), variable types checked, unnecessary defines removederdgeist
2007-01-09Fixed a bug where I didn't replace new buffer pointer after realloc. Fixed a bug where I didnt copy enough memory when shrinking vectors. Now save some ↵erdgeist
extra bytes in header.
2007-01-06Apply some limitserdgeist
2007-01-05black listing was the wrong way arounderdgeist
2007-01-05really check g_check_blacklist flagerdgeist
2007-01-05Be more helpfulerdgeist
2007-01-05added closed tracker and blacklist codeerdgeist
2007-01-04simplified binary_search, it always does a memcmp. began to implement dump knowledgeerdgeist
2007-01-03Added option to get ip from query string + parser, fixed two bugs concerning grow/shrink of vectors. Now cleans up a torrent BEFORE trying to remove a peer ↵erdgeist
-> this may remove peer already and must be done anyway.
2006-12-15Make code endianess saveerdgeist
2006-12-15sorted bencoded ordererdgeist
2006-12-15Fixed mem leak, inmplemented mrtg_scrapeerdgeist
2006-12-14announce now returns all mandatory answer dictionary entrieserdgeist
2006-12-14Now actually seems to work for the most partserdgeist
Added scraping Added graceful disconnect
2006-12-13Reacts more appropriate, however EXC_BAD_ACCESS triggerederdgeist
2006-12-13Trackerlogic done... not tested yeterdgeist
2006-12-12This is a complete rewrite... assume nothing works.erdgeist
2006-12-09Fixed parsererdgeist
2006-12-08Logic now actually initialized and deinitializederdgeist
2006-12-08Should work now *cough* *cough*erdgeist
2006-12-08Our scanner routine for the URI query stringerdgeist
2006-12-07Started to implement glueerdgeist