Newbies Guide to vchat via 'Buntclient'

1. Get the Source, Luke

Make sure, you got a shell and the tool called cvs. cd to a directory the source shall reside in.


$ cvs login
$ cvs -z3 co vchat-client

(press return at password prompt)

2. Do the verpile

Enter the vchat-client/ directory. Type:

$ make

If that fails due to some readline fuckups, try again with:


If you are administrator of your computer and want to install vchat-client permanently, type:

$ make install

You may also run the binary from its compile location.

3. Get protected

Run the script vchat-keygen, located in the vchat-client/ directory. Follow its instructions.

4. Home sweet Home

Create a .vchat/ directory in your homedir.

$ cd
$ mkdir .vchat/

Copy your key to the .vchat/ directory:

$ cp ~/.vchat.key ~/.vchat/key

Whenever your signed cert arrives from vchat at dot de, copy it to the .vchat/ directory as well:

$ cp ~/.vchat.cert ~/.vchat/cert

In order to modify the look of your client, you may copy one of the sample-xxx.fmt files to the .vchat/ directory:

$ cd vchat-client/
$ cp sample-erdgeist.fmt ~/.vchat/formats

If you want to set the chat server to now, type:

$ echo >> ~/.vchat/config

If you want to ignore SSL-warnings due to missing CA-files, type:

$ echo ignssl=1 >> ~/.vchat/config

If you don't want to ignore SSL-warnings, get the root-certificates from: and

and copy them into your openssl-certs directory. For example:

# cp root.txt /etc/ssl/certs/
# cp class3.txt /etc/ssl/certs/
# cd /etc/ssl/certs
# ln -s root.txt `openssl x509 -in root.txt -hash | head -n 1`.0
# ln -s class3.txt `openssl x509 -in class3.txt -hash | head -n 1`.0

Now you can type:

$ echo ignssl=0 >> ~/.vchat/config

If you want a seperate private message window, type:

$ echo messages=10 >> ~/.vchat/config

If you want to have no topic line, like in the oldschool client, do not choose a private message window an type:

$ echo usetopicbar=0 >> ~/.vchat/config

5. First bunt

Check, whether you REALLY got a signed cert.

[.... If you did not get a reply from vchat at dot de within 3 days, this might either be due to you not being known to the certificate masters, or simply because of the verpeil. You may, after 3 days, contact me at erdgeist at erdgeist dot org. If I don't reply, too, reconsider your lifestyle. ....]

Start the client:

$ vchat-client


$ vchat-client/vchat-client

Enter the passphrase to your private key, if you added one.

Look around. If the Umlautz are broken, try to trouble shoot here:

Try to feel comfortable with the new look of your vchat- environment. Close your mouth. Try playing around with the following commands:

If you did not enable the seperate private message window, ignore this part:


Press Ctrl-G and Ctrl-T several times. Press Ctrl-X, then send yourself a private message, watch, what happens Press Ctrl-C ONCE!!! Press Ctrl-R and watch the asteriks at the very right of your screen, this one indicates, which window to scroll back


Press Ctrl-B Ctrl-F, if you collected some text in your message window. This should scroll back and forth. A red console bar should indicate, that you scrolled up.

Press Ctrl-L to redraw and reset scroll indices.

Play around with the completion:

Hitting <TAB> at start of line will complete to

.m <lastpersonyouexchangedprivatemessageswith>

if you hit <TAB> more often, you will cycle through this list, sorted by the last time you exchanges PMs with.

Hitting <TAB> when you already typed some letters but no space yet will expand to all nicks in your current channel. You may cycle through this list, too.

Hitting tab anywhere else expands to all nicks in all channels.

Most other readline hotkeys (Ctrl-U, Ctrl-K, Ctrl-W, Ctrl-A...) will work as expected.

6. Commandoe

In addition to the server commands (.h, .m, .a, .s ...) the client brings its own set of commands, which will be triggered IRC-style by /COMMAND. These may be abbrevated to the lowest unambigous substring.

Try /HELP for a first glimpse. The status window may be forced off by hitting Ctrl-X.

/HELP KEYS should give you a short summary of available hot key commands.

Some client commands are wrappers around server commands:

/ME   == .a
/MSG  == .m
/M    == .m
/QUIT == .x

The other commands are used to enable client side filtering and highlighting.



Highlight yourself:

/FLT 6 <nickname>

if you don't see anything getting highlighted, you probably have a mac. If you got this far despite of that problem, you will surely find a way to enable colors in your terminal.

Remove the filter rule:

/rmflt 1

Zoom in all channel leaves:

/flt + left channel

List your filter rules:


Remove all filters:


Ignore all server leave and join messages:

/flt - ((left|joined|entered) (the )?(channel|chat))

Reenable those lines:

/rmflt ((left|joined|entered) (the )?(channel|chat))

Note: zoom overrides ignore.

Be careful about setting your filters, as these are treated as regular expressions, which easily may lead to time consuming evaluations. Avoid brackets.

7. Fiiiiiiiiieschas

As I am still young cough cough I am _STILL_ willing to implement features of all stupidity grades. Contact me with /m erdgeist <feature request> at any time.

8. You help

Since you will probably start fiddeling around with your .vchat/formats file, I'd appreciate getting YOUR format, too, as this may be helpful for others to make their own. Just send them to erdgeist at erdgeist dot org. Bug reports, feature request that are to long for the chat and diffs implementing some features are welcome at this address, too.