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Include experimental support for upgrading the basejail
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@@ -566,6 +566,18 @@ Update the base jail to the next release using
566.Xr freebsd-update 8 566.Xr freebsd-update 8
567(i.e. using binary packages). This may be used only to update an 567(i.e. using binary packages). This may be used only to update an
568existing installation. 568existing installation.
569.It Nm Cm update Fl U s Ar 8.0-RELEASE
570Upgrade the base jail to the host system's release using
571.Xr freebsd-update 8 . This may be used only to upgrade an
572existing installation. Tell freebsd-update which OS version to expect
573in the basejail via the
574.Fl s No option.
576Note: Check
577.Xr uname 1
578and especially the
579.Pa UNAME_r
580environment variable to upgrade to different versions.
569.El 581.El
570.Ss Jail Creation Examples 582.Ss Jail Creation Examples
571.Bl -tag -width indent 583.Bl -tag -width indent