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Now moving to new style rc naming scheme
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diff --git a/man8/ezjail-admin.8 b/man8/ezjail-admin.8
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--- a/man8/ezjail-admin.8
+++ b/man8/ezjail-admin.8
@@ -379,7 +379,7 @@ The following columns are the JID (when it is running), the IP addresses, the na
379.Pp 379.Pp
380This is a shortcut to the 380This is a shortcut to the
381.Xr rc 8 381.Xr rc 8
382.Cm 382.Cm ezjail
383script. Refer to 383script. Refer to
384.Xr ezjail 7 384.Xr ezjail 7
385section 385section
@@ -585,7 +585,7 @@ filesystem is taken first.
585.Sh FILES 585.Sh FILES
586.Pa EZJAIL_PREFIX/bin/ezjail-admin 586.Pa EZJAIL_PREFIX/bin/ezjail-admin
588.Pa EZJAIL_PREFIX/etc/rc.d/ 588.Pa EZJAIL_PREFIX/etc/rc.d/ezjail
590.Pa EZJAIL_PREFIX/etc/ezjail.conf 590.Pa EZJAIL_PREFIX/etc/ezjail.conf