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2009-05-23First chunk of ZFS support in ezjail.cryx
ezjail is now capable of managing jails in seperate ZFS filesystems and to manage basejail and newjail in seperate ZFS filesystems too. It is possible to mix non-ZFS jails with ZFS jails as well as using ZFS jails with basejail/newjail in a non-ZFS filesystem. To create a zfs jail you need an existing ZFS pool, ZFS needs to be enabled in /etc/rc.conf and you have to set at least ezjail_jailzfs in ezjail.conf. To let ezjail manage basejail/newjail in ZFS filesystems to, you have to enable ezjail_use_zfs in ezjail.conf. To use ZFS support in ezjail, you have to use at least FreeBSD 7-STABLE form after the commit of ZFS version 13 (commited Wed May 20 23:34:59 2009 UTC, of FreeBSD 8-CURRENT. Prior versions of ZFS are _not_ supported. Creating a ZFS based jail is as easy as using 'ezjail-admin create -c zfs <jailname> <jailip>'. Using zfs send/receive for archiving is not yet implemented. Converting non-ZFS basejail/newjail setups into ZFS setups is not handled by ezjail, converting non-ZFS jails into ZFS jails is not yet handled by ezjail but will be possible in the future. WARNING: ZFS is considered to be an experimental feature in FreeBSD. ZFS support in ezjail is work in progress.
2009-02-02Using posix (2001) format instead of the outdated ustar to archiveerdgeist
2008-10-22Setting defaults the more elegant bourne shell styleerdgeist
2008-09-26Preparing ezjail for 3.0RELEASE_3_0erdgeist
2008-08-06Grammar fixes. Thanks and a beer go out to Fred Condo.erdgeist
2008-07-18NOOO! We do not want to install word! Never! Thanks to Georg Hartzell for pointing that out.erdgeist does no longer existerdgeist
2008-07-16Finally modernize behaviour of ezjail-admin update.erdgeist
It no longer rebuilds the whole world by default. Also add a -u option that utilies freebsd-update to update the world.
2008-07-13echo needs a -e switch in order to handle newlines correctlyerdgeist
2008-07-13Fixed one unverfied copy'n'paste actionerdgeist
2008-07-10Add -P -M and -S switches to ezjail-admin install.erdgeist
Those commands can be used to add ports, sources and man page packages to an already installed base without reinstalling the base. Unify error reporting and try to give the user enough clues as how to go on in case of an error.
2008-07-09A control character slipped into the scripterdgeist
2008-07-09Embarrassing boolean expression mistakeerdgeist
2008-07-09Move image mount logic into a functionerdgeist
Fix image jail size stat to follow symlink
2008-07-08Direct find to 'find .' instead of 'find *' to allow for dot-files to be found and too many parameters never to occurerdgeist
2008-07-08Typo in installerdgeist
2008-07-08Fix typos and add lots of documentation.erdgeist
2008-07-08Fix typos and add lots of documentation.erdgeist
2008-07-07Typo in imported image sizeerdgeist
2008-07-07When restoring, use rcorder-lines from old ezjails configerdgeist
2008-07-07Fix a problem where we can not detach a jail after its creation, because we're still inside its root directory.erdgeist
Also put image size for image jails into the properties list. Auto attach image jails for archive (if possible, aka non-blocking). Actually call ezjail-admin create from ezjail-admin restore. This means, that restore is rudimentary up and running.
2008-07-06Making paths absolute did not work correctly. Also move commands handling multiple jails to a for loop instead of a while looperdgeist
2008-07-06Use sh\'s own line splitting algorithm instead of cuterdgeist
2008-07-06Fix pathname substitution to prevent incorrect retrieval of soft links, when creating a jail from archive.erdgeist
2008-06-04Make deletes less verbose. also rename tmpfile to ezjail_tmpfileerdgeist
2008-06-01Saving config from archive to tempfile in order to source iterdgeist
2008-05-19Fix quoting errors.erdgeist
2008-05-11Fix ezjail_makeabsolute, it was broken, when the provided 2nd path wasnt absolute. Also add lots of logic to the restore command. Soon will be working[tm].erdgeist
2008-04-02when specifying jail name, options must not be quotederdgeist
2008-03-23Default login command changed from /bin/sh to /usr/bin/login -f rooterdgeist
2008-03-22Include version information. Also fix an amd64 install problem.erdgeist
2008-03-14fixed stray control charactererdgeist
2008-03-14abstract making absolute paths. use pax instead of tar to extract archives. Also do not report an error, if ezjail.conf is missing.erdgeist
2008-01-08Reverse jail order when calling stoperdgeist
2008-01-08Format for property files in ezjail archive now changed to use - as seperator.erdgeist
2008-01-02Fetching first values from an ezjail archive in restore command. Still not functional.erdgeist
2008-01-02Guess archive name on restoreserdgeist
2008-01-02Allow restoring from a archive coming in from stdinerdgeist
2007-11-27Fix some bugs in stdout archive codeerdgeist
2007-11-27Allow for specifying - as filename if archiving to stdout is desired.erdgeist
2007-11-27Conditions checked the wrong wayerdgeist
2007-10-08In a function we must not shift positional parameterserdgeist
2007-10-08Get rid off rather ugly ezjail_imageparams HACKerdgeist
2007-10-08Fix a check that once required the variable to be != YESerdgeist
2007-10-08Revert the "fix" from 1.43, there was no bug in here but in ezjail-adminerdgeist
2007-10-08Fixed some missmatched quoteserdgeist
2007-10-08Some nesting errors occured... investigatingerdgeist
2007-10-08We need all image parameters, even when the image already existederdgeist
2007-10-08Also include stopcrypto to the list of proxied requestserdgeist