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2006-07-16This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'RELEASE_2_0_1'.RELEASE_2_0_1cvs2git
Sprout from master 2006-07-16 12:14:47 UTC erdgeist 'A much more sexy way of listing jails' Cherrypick from master 2006-04-26 11:19:22 UTC erdgeist 'Some nicer defaults along with explanation': examples/example/etc/rc.conf
2006-07-12use the new sendmail_* stuff for disabling sendmail-mtacryx
2006-04-26Some nicer defaults along with explanationerdgeist
2006-04-26syslogd wont open any socket in default flavourerdgeist
2006-04-25Some sane default values for jailserdgeist
2006-04-25Sane defaults for execution of cron jobserdgeist
2006-02-10Warn for resolv.confRELEASE_1_2erdgeist
2006-02-10explain more.erdgeist
2006-02-09Put into rcordererdgeist
2006-02-09Radical change of what an ezjail flavour is. The old way got me stuck.erdgeist
2006-02-08flavours now become a single shell scripterdgeist
2006-02-08Tidy up of now reflects in documentationerdgeist
2005-12-31Info is in ezjail-admin man pageerdgeist
2005-12-31a nice default sudoers for a jailerdgeist
2005-12-31Provide a sane make.conf for building ports in a jailerdgeist
2005-12-31Empty file to hint the user of the possibility of doing post install stufferdgeist
2005-12-31Flavours now head to their final layout:erdgeist
the whole bunch of stuff found below flavour dir is being installed into the new jails root, including the flavour config, packages and files. The startup scripts now only creates users, chowns the files it is told to and installs packages.
2005-12-18Rethtought flavourserdgeist
2005-12-18Rethought flavourserdgeist
2005-11-20Default flavour file, moved from ../erdgeist