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2007-02-22Try fscking the correct way. Have not yet figured it out completelyerdgeist
2007-02-22Document fsck subcommanderdgeist
2007-02-21ezjail-admin create now ignores dot files when checking, whether a directory is empty. That way .snap wont mark it non-empty. However, Lost+Found still is a ...erdgeist
2007-01-24Check for secure level since ezjail will fail if it is -gt 0erdgeist
2007-01-16do portsnap cron when not invoked from command line. Do copy packages that are just linked into jail root to make them visible at run time.erdgeist
2007-01-15error when umounting irritates users, this is a cleanup function, so it should silently fail, if nothing is mounted.erdgeist
2007-01-15HEADS UP: introduced fsck feature, untested.erdgeist
2006-11-15More sanity checking.erdgeist
2006-11-15Last glitch in image rename code removed[tm].erdgeist
2006-11-15mixed up basename with dirname... fixederdgeist
2006-11-15I suck. It was the correct wayerdgeist
2006-11-15Fixed our test the wrong wayerdgeist
2006-11-15More Syntax flawserdgeist
2006-11-15Syntax check by cryx ;)erdgeist
2006-11-15HEADS UP: renaming jails has been introduced. Lots of checking will probably be required, this version is considered unstable. Also two minr style glitches h...erdgeist
2006-08-28Enable soft updates on image jailserdgeist
2006-08-27typo fixederdgeist
2006-07-16A much more sexy way of listing jailserdgeist
2006-07-16some more escapingerdgeist
2006-07-16ezjail_ftphost from ezjail.conf is now obeyederdgeist
2006-07-15Fixed some expansion/quotation issues with tr's parameters ([:alnum:] etc.) Thanks to Simon L. Nielsen.erdgeist
2006-07-02environment was not being passed correctly to subtargets, see Thanks go to Simon ...erdgeist
2006-05-31Last cosmetics for ezjail-2.0 releaseerdgeist
2006-05-22Fixed the export I rather stupidly removed from jail configserdgeist
2006-05-22Release attached-lock only, if device has really been detached.erdgeist
2006-05-22simple image jails did not have their device provided correctly. Fixed.erdgeist
2006-05-22Preparing for release of ezjail-2.0betaerdgeist
2006-05-17Provide more clues as how to continue if fetching dir list from server failserdgeist
2006-05-17Query ftp server for the versions he knows off.erdgeist
2006-05-17Explain options left if fetching packages fails. Also explain, that "are you sure" is being answered by ezjail.erdgeist
2006-05-17-STABLE translated to -RELEASE, check for -RELEASE correctederdgeist
2006-05-17each jail is declared a standard_ezjail for rcorder to make it easier to run a jail BEFORE: any other jail (e.g. name servers will run BEFORE: standard_ezjail)erdgeist
2006-05-16legacy variable name substitutederdgeist
2006-05-15simple jails are now initialised from /dev/zeroerdgeist
2006-05-15sh arithmetic overflows, use bc to calculate image sizeerdgeist
2006-05-15sh arithmetic overflows, use bc to calculate image sizeerdgeist
2006-05-15Removed the -u switch from parameter list, since currently there is no way I know of to properly pass a pasphrase to gbde or geli command (except gbde -p, wh...erdgeist
2006-05-10add /usr/lib32/ to dirlist for amd64erdgeist
2006-05-10Synopsis line not echoed correctly - fixed.erdgeist
2006-05-09attaching and detaching image jails now works.erdgeist
2006-05-09Fixed some quoting mistakeserdgeist
2006-05-09Added attach/detach subsubcommands to configerdgeist
2006-05-07Add a forceful blocking option to ezjail creationerdgeist
2006-05-05Fixed some case statements that were broken by previous tidy upserdgeist
2006-05-05Some glitches fixederdgeist
2006-05-04Flag jails that would interrupt boot process as attachblocking. Skip or choose them deliberately in ezjail.sherdgeist
2006-05-04ezjail_fillme renamed and inverted to ezjail_existserdgeist
2006-05-04Added CVS Id Tagerdgeist
2006-05-03Crypto image init-attach args converter introduced.erdgeist
2006-05-03jailid detection failed, when security.jail.set_hostname_allowed=1 and another hostname was seterdgeist