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2010-04-25Report zfs jails as such in ezjail-admin list, needs documentationerdgeist
2010-04-08Also look in FreeBSD-Archive for the requested distribution, thanks to Joan Picanyol i Puigerdgeist
2010-03-17Don't force a default flavour over a restore or create -xerdgeist
2010-03-05while not in the ports, ezjail-admin will now report the correct version, if checked out from CVSerdgeist
2010-02-16Missing &&cryx
2010-02-16$0 is /etc/rc here, so doing rm -f "${0}" would leave the jail without /etc/rc after the first start.cryx
2010-02-14* Create new jails with jail_JAILNAME_exec_start instead of jail_JAILNAME_execerdgeist
2010-02-11Make ezjail-list not wider than 80 chars, if possibleerdgeist
2010-02-08Consider this to be the second part of the changes that started in 1.247erdgeist
2010-02-08Make the Makefile install nullmailer-example, as wellerdgeist
2010-02-08Revert parts of the changes from 1.243, from now on we install a working make.conf againerdgeist
2010-02-05Ensure that no-ip jails are listed as wellerdgeist
2010-01-24- fix adding a .device entry into the fstab of a zfs-backed jail when renamingcryx
2010-01-20If pax fails resetting access times, don't report archiving errors.erdgeist
2010-01-15Forgot the "".cryx
2010-01-15Wrong order.cryx
2010-01-15Fix restoring zfs jails, they don't necessarily have a size so the ezjail-admin create command has to be invoked without the -s option.cryx
2010-01-15Fix the renaming of the mountpoint while renaming a zfs backed jail.cryx
2010-01-15When renaming a zfs backed jail, don't try to move the rootdir because it is done by zfs rename.cryx
2010-01-15Respect the -x option when creating a ZFS backed jail, do a check if the destinatiuon really is ZFS filesystem!cryx
2010-01-15Teach ezjail-admin not to attach a zfs backed imagejail when doing archive, reported by Nathan Tice.cryx
2010-01-14Introduce a default flavour setting, also fix some leftovers from renaming default to example. Many thanks to Panagiotis J. Christiaserdgeist
2010-01-12Allow the user to continue with ZFS operations if the pool is in a DEGRADED state, but warn about it.cryx
2010-01-11Remove bashism, use freebsd-updates way to wait randomly. Thanks to Panagiotis J. Christiaserdgeist
2010-01-11HEADS UP: Rewrote code that writes jail configs, also fixed many flaws in the config subcommand.erdgeist
2010-01-08make ezjail-admin always return 0 on success. Thanks to Justin Headerdgeist
2010-01-08add jail id to every jail ip-lineerdgeist
2010-01-08make it clearer, that multiple addresses are listed on multiple lineserdgeist
2010-01-08Rearrange space in ezjail-admin list... more needs to be done vor v6 addresses.erdgeist
2010-01-08Check for zfs_enable was invertederdgeist
2010-01-08Fix if[]-typo, fix spacing before secondary lines in ezjails with multiple ip addresseserdgeist
2010-01-08erdgeistify styles, remove white spaces, support multiple ip addresses bettererdgeist
2010-01-03Check for the mountpoint before setting it.cryx
2010-01-03Fix a bug in ezjail-admin install where the zfs-dataset was not mounted correctly under the ezjail-directory.cryx
2009-12-29Use the jails FIB when attaching via ezjail-admin consolecryx
2009-12-29wrong checking for the fib being an integercryx
2009-12-28Support for setting and using jail-bound ZFS datasets, cpuset(1) and setfib(1).cryx
2009-12-28"It seems that FreeBSD 8 does not like to start rc scripts named *.sh."cryx
2009-08-21variable defaults for ZFS supportcryx
2009-08-21Make archive use the cpio archive format. Also fix some Warning message.erdgeist
2009-05-27Fix ZFS creation when using ezjail-admin installcryx
2009-05-24Do the testing in a nicer way.cryx
2009-05-24Do better checks if ZFS is enabled and if the running ZFS implementationcryx
2009-05-23First chunk of ZFS support in ezjail.cryx
2009-02-02Using posix (2001) format instead of the outdated ustar to archiveerdgeist
2008-10-22Setting defaults the more elegant bourne shell styleerdgeist
2008-09-26Preparing ezjail for 3.0RELEASE_3_0erdgeist
2008-07-18NOOO! We do not want to install word! Never! Thanks to Georg Hartzell for pointing that out.erdgeist does no longer existerdgeist
2008-07-16Finally modernize behaviour of ezjail-admin update.erdgeist