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2014-06-09Do not check for success when starting or stopping jails configured as norunerdgeist
2014-06-09Add the troubleshoot subcommandDirk Engling
2013-12-07Lots of spelling fixes in comments and man pages submitted by Paul IvanovDirk Engling
2013-11-13Fix grepping for jid. This did not work for jids over 99999. Thanks to Mathieu Arnolderdgeist
2013-10-14Fix a bug where ezjail-admin restore would not use the jail name from the archive when restoring from the archive and not from jail name. Thanks to Ollivier ...erdgeist
2013-10-14Fix invalid control charactererdgeist
2013-09-25Create /var/ports/packages as promised in our make.conf, thanks to Koslov Sergeyerdgeist
2013-09-01Make the test for jail feature officialerdgeist
2013-07-23make ezjail-admin update -U now also work with patch levels. Thanks to Sebastian Jäschkeerdgeist
2013-05-18Fix a missing if. Also drop patch level suffixes when detecting host system versionerdgeist
2013-05-17apply freebsd-update on the newjail, as wellerdgeist
2013-05-17We don't want the forces freebsd-update pagers in our scriptserdgeist
2013-05-17Use freebsd-update to update to current patch level before splitting the basejail from newjailerdgeist
2013-05-10change retention policy so that per window the oldest and the newest snapshot is kept, unless the newer one is not new enough ;)erdgeist
2013-05-01Fix error report by passing echo the -n parameter. Thanks to 乃村翼erdgeist
2013-04-24Put an example retention policy in sample configerdgeist
2013-04-24ezsnaps are recursiveerdgeist
2013-04-24Remove debug outputerdgeist
2013-04-24introduce ezjail-admin snapshot. Experimentalerdgeist
2013-04-24Use default, even if variable is null, not unseterdgeist
2013-04-20Rename ezjail_parentfs to ezjail_parentzfs. Also save the ezjail_parentzfs for new jails so that they can later be removed from the correct poolRELEASE_3_3erdgeist
2013-04-20Properly close quoteserdgeist
2013-04-20Check for parent filesystem when using an alternative oneerdgeist
2013-04-20Actually allow for the parentzfs parameter in getopterdgeist
2013-04-14Test for the IP address on local interfaces only, if it is not prefixed by an interface nameerdgeist
2013-04-14If jail IPs are specified with an interface prefix, drop it for display and test functionserdgeist
2013-04-14Keep post_start_script jail parameters when rewriting configerdgeist
2013-04-11Farewell CVS for ports. ezjail_portscvsroot is gone.erdgeist
2013-04-10Do not attempt to chflags the root directory after it is gone, when wiping is requested on ezjail-admin delete. Thanks to Tom.erdgeist
2013-04-10Allow user to specify another parent zfs or zpool for a new jail. This also implies -c zfs. Thanks to Cryx.erdgeist
2013-04-01We now read and dump the jail_JAIL_parameters variable. So user settings dont get lost. Thanks to Vitaliy.erdgeist
2013-03-27Retry freebsd-update until install failserdgeist
2013-03-27Handle relative paths in packages bettererdgeist
2012-11-17Fixed a bug where ezjail-admin install would indicate a failure after successfully installing the baseerdgeist
2012-11-17Cleaned up the code that differentiates between pre 9.0 and post 9.0 distribution layout.erdgeist
2012-11-08Got the indent wrong in the last commit. So I missed a 'fi'erdgeist
2012-11-08Fix a bug where the host system's release version was not queried in case of file:/// uriserdgeist
2012-09-20Fixed a problem where reuse of the ezjail_sourcetree variable led to ezjail-admin update not finding source tree. Thanks to Paul Macdonald.RELEASE_3_2_3erdgeist
2012-09-18Fix a bug, so that we are force starting a single jail only, when console -f is requested.erdgeist
2012-09-08Add a switch to make all jails use its own zfs by default, also provide a parameter to specify default zfs optionserdgeist
2012-09-08make ezjail-admin list not print an error when there are no jailserdgeist
2012-09-08Cleanup zfs code. Make sure, ezjail_zfs_properties are properly passed. Move checks for ezjails zfs to a central location. Fix typoserdgeist
2012-05-06FreeBSD versions before 8.0 did not know about jls -n. Use the old check for now. Thanks to Fahad.erdgeist
2012-04-25Unset variable to ensure the warning message being displayederdgeist
2012-04-24Small typo in unpackererdgeist
2012-04-06Include the .* in the quoted expression to prevent unwanted expansionerdgeist
2012-01-28Remove schg flags from old basejail before installing a new one over iterdgeist
2012-01-15Have the test for local addresses be done by ping while trying to send from the IP to the IP. The intermediate approach using nc did not work in 9.0erdgeist
2012-01-14Test for locally configured IP addresses by trying to bind nc to it. Thanks to Thomas Steen Rasmussen and #bsdportserdgeist
2012-01-14Fix regex to grep for pids in a running Jail. Thanks to Thomas Steen Rasmussen.erdgeist