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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-03-27Handle relative paths in packages bettererdgeist
2012-11-17Fixed a bug where ezjail-admin install would indicate a failure after successfully installing the baseerdgeist
2012-11-17Cleaned up the code that differentiates between pre 9.0 and post 9.0 distribution layout.erdgeist
2012-11-08Got the indent wrong in the last commit. So I missed a 'fi'erdgeist
2012-11-08Fix a bug where the host system's release version was not queried in case of file:/// uriserdgeist
2012-09-20Fixed a problem where reuse of the ezjail_sourcetree variable led to ezjail-admin update not finding source tree. Thanks to Paul Macdonald.RELEASE_3_2_3erdgeist
2012-09-18Fix a bug, so that we are force starting a single jail only, when console -f is requested.erdgeist
2012-09-08Add a switch to make all jails use its own zfs by default, also provide a parameter to specify default zfs optionserdgeist
2012-09-08make ezjail-admin list not print an error when there are no jailserdgeist
2012-09-08Cleanup zfs code. Make sure, ezjail_zfs_properties are properly passed. Move checks for ezjails zfs to a central location. Fix typoserdgeist
2012-05-06FreeBSD versions before 8.0 did not know about jls -n. Use the old check for now. Thanks to Fahad.erdgeist
2012-04-25Unset variable to ensure the warning message being displayederdgeist
2012-04-24Small typo in unpackererdgeist
2012-04-06Include the .* in the quoted expression to prevent unwanted expansionerdgeist
2012-01-28Remove schg flags from old basejail before installing a new one over iterdgeist
2012-01-15Have the test for local addresses be done by ping while trying to send from the IP to the IP. The intermediate approach using nc did not work in 9.0erdgeist
2012-01-14Test for locally configured IP addresses by trying to bind nc to it. Thanks to Thomas Steen Rasmussen and #bsdportserdgeist
2012-01-14Fix regex to grep for pids in a running Jail. Thanks to Thomas Steen Rasmussen.erdgeist
2012-01-14ezjail-admin delete -f now not any longer stops all jails but only the one to be deleted. Thanks to Thomas Steen Rasmussenerdgeist
2012-01-09Counting ezjail-flavours did not work correctlyerdgeist
2012-01-07Correct version informationerdgeist
2012-01-07Make flavourize script a new style rc commanderdgeist
2012-01-07query_ftp_server broke a loop to far aboveerdgeist
2012-01-04Fix white space issueerdgeist
2012-01-04Fix logic in the non-RELEASE ftp server queryerdgeist
2012-01-04Try to unify installarch and installplatform so that query_ftp_server can work with it, tooerdgeist
2012-01-02From FreeBSD 9.0 on there's no need to install extra man pages. The come with the base pkg.erdgeist
2012-01-02Older bsdtar version can't decompress on the fly. Use xzdec insteaderdgeist
2012-01-02Some more subtle changes in the new release directory structureerdgeist
2012-01-02Preparing ezjail to work with new release directory layouterdgeist
2011-11-07Reflect new style of setting up flavours in ezjail-adminerdgeist
2011-07-27Fix: When stopped jail , ezjail-admin console is successfull. Thanks to Tsubasa Nomuraerdgeist
2011-06-14Fix typoerdgeist
2011-04-25Consolidate the start/stop logic in one placefred
2011-04-25Simplify the rcorder call in `ezjail-admin list'fred
2011-04-05Add -U in the getopts line. Only one = in a [ test.fred
2011-03-14Include experimental support for upgrading the basejailerdgeist
2011-03-07Fix argument passing to greperdgeist
2011-03-07Make the warning about the IP address being already used work with processes bound to * in a jail with multiple IP addresseserdgeist
2011-01-20The default archive directory now is not '.' anymore, but $\{ezjail_jaildir\}/ezjail_archiveserdgeist
2011-01-20Fix bug: ezjail-admin install -M and ezjail-admin install -S only installed to staging directory, not into basejail.erdgeist
2010-05-31Prepare old jails for deletion. Thanks to Piotr Kucharskierdgeist
2010-05-26Also look in FreeBSD-Archive for the requested distribution, thanks to Joan Picanyol i Puig.erdgeist
2010-05-26Games are goneerdgeist
2010-04-25Report zfs jails as such in ezjail-admin list, needs documentationerdgeist
2010-04-08Also look in FreeBSD-Archive for the requested distribution, thanks to Joan Picanyol i Puigerdgeist
2010-03-17Don't force a default flavour over a restore or create -xerdgeist
2010-03-05while not in the ports, ezjail-admin will now report the correct version, if checked out from CVSerdgeist
2010-02-16Missing &&cryx
2010-02-16$0 is /etc/rc here, so doing rm -f "${0}" would leave the jail without /etc/rc after the first start.cryx