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2006-05-22Preparing for release of ezjail-2.0betaerdgeist
2006-05-17Provide more clues as how to continue if fetching dir list from server failserdgeist
2006-05-17Query ftp server for the versions he knows off.erdgeist
2006-05-17Explain options left if fetching packages fails. Also explain, that "are you sure" is being answered by ezjail.erdgeist
2006-05-17-STABLE translated to -RELEASE, check for -RELEASE correctederdgeist
2006-05-17each jail is declared a standard_ezjail for rcorder to make it easier to run a jail BEFORE: any other jail (e.g. name servers will run BEFORE: standard_ezjail)erdgeist
2006-05-16legacy variable name substitutederdgeist
2006-05-15simple jails are now initialised from /dev/zeroerdgeist
2006-05-15sh arithmetic overflows, use bc to calculate image sizeerdgeist
2006-05-15sh arithmetic overflows, use bc to calculate image sizeerdgeist
2006-05-15Removed the -u switch from parameter list, since currently there is no way I know of to properly pass a pasphrase to gbde or geli command (except gbde -p, ↵erdgeist
which might be implemented later)
2006-05-10add /usr/lib32/ to dirlist for amd64erdgeist
2006-05-10Synopsis line not echoed correctly - fixed.erdgeist
2006-05-09attaching and detaching image jails now works.erdgeist
2006-05-09Fixed some quoting mistakeserdgeist
2006-05-09Added attach/detach subsubcommands to configerdgeist
Added more error checking when attaching image jails Woke up this morning when the streets where full of cars
2006-05-07Add a forceful blocking option to ezjail creationerdgeist
2006-05-05Fixed some case statements that were broken by previous tidy upserdgeist
2006-05-05Some glitches fixederdgeist
2006-05-04Flag jails that would interrupt boot process as attachblocking. Skip or choose them deliberately in ezjail.sherdgeist
2006-05-04ezjail_fillme renamed and inverted to ezjail_existserdgeist
Usage stings (Synopsis) now collected at a central place passphrase url parameter added to the create subcommand some trailing spaces removed
2006-05-04Added CVS Id Tagerdgeist
2006-05-03Crypto image init-attach args converter introduced.erdgeist
2006-05-03jailid detection failed, when security.jail.set_hostname_allowed=1 and another hostname was seterdgeist
2006-05-03Had some strange error on some systems concerning awk syntaxerdgeist
2006-05-03geli detach addederdgeist
2006-05-03Missing bracket.erdgeist
2006-05-03Sanity checks tidied up now.erdgeist
2006-05-03Some sanity checks on image sizeerdgeist
2006-05-03Variable name ezjail_imagerestbytes did not match ezjail_imagerestbyteerdgeist
2006-05-03Removed a \;\; that broke the outer case statementerdgeist
2006-05-03* getopts now is used instead of getopt, resolving lots of headaches.erdgeist
* image size is now preparsed and splitted to prevent dd sucking up gigabytes of memory and finally plopping * errors are now reported to stderr instead of stdout * commands without parameters now fail when being passed parameters
2006-04-26Introducing a more generic crypto image strategyerdgeist
2006-04-25the ports softlink now is default, since installing the ports tree after splitting the world is defaulterdgeist
2006-04-24Make portsnap extract to the correct directoryerdgeist
2006-04-24Wrong default for ezjail_jailtemperdgeist
2006-04-24Install will confirm release version for any non -RELEASE version nowerdgeist
2006-04-24Quote mismatcherdgeist
2006-04-24HEADS UP: Common elements in update and install have been moved to a function. portsnap now is default way to maintain your copy of ports tree.erdgeist
2006-04-24An empty ezjail directory made rcorder fail. Fixederdgeist
2006-04-24ezjail_dirlist has been created. This variable will serve as starting point for automatic extension of that list, e.g. /usr/lib32 on 64bit machines.erdgeist
2006-04-22Do not use a lock file for gbde anymore. I have no concept of using/moving the lock file appropriately, so move it into the image.erdgeist
2006-04-22Two typos when merging into ezjail-admin. Thanks to Greg Johnsonerdgeist
2006-04-19Variable name cleanup nearly completed. Install subcommand imported from Untested, unfinished\!erdgeist
2006-04-16one newline too mucherdgeist
2006-04-15Two bugs preventing jails to be set norun or run have been fixed.erdgeist
2006-04-15Some variable name problems have been solvederdgeist
2006-04-15Forgot some braces, more testing follows.erdgeist
2006-04-15HEADS UP:erdgeist
Major changes in how config is fetched from jail config. A major variable renaming took place. A new subcommand config has been introduced. Jails can be configured not to be run automatically. Crypto images do not work anymore if made with an older version. (Due to config file variable renaming) .norun has been set as standard "do not run" name. However, any . is enough to prevent booting the jail.
2006-04-12Beautify list output and prepend a header rowerdgeist