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2012-09-08Add a switch to make all jails use its own zfs by default, also provide a parameter to specify default zfs optionserdgeist
2011-01-20The default archive directory now is not '.' anymore, but $\{ezjail_jaildir\}/ezjail_archiveserdgeist
2010-01-14Introduce a default flavour setting, also fix some leftovers from renaming default to example. Many thanks to Panagiotis J. Christiaserdgeist
2009-05-23First chunk of ZFS support in ezjail.cryx
ezjail is now capable of managing jails in seperate ZFS filesystems and to manage basejail and newjail in seperate ZFS filesystems too. It is possible to mix non-ZFS jails with ZFS jails as well as using ZFS jails with basejail/newjail in a non-ZFS filesystem. To create a zfs jail you need an existing ZFS pool, ZFS needs to be enabled in /etc/rc.conf and you have to set at least ezjail_jailzfs in ezjail.conf. To let ezjail manage basejail/newjail in ZFS filesystems to, you have to enable ezjail_use_zfs in ezjail.conf. To use ZFS support in ezjail, you have to use at least FreeBSD 7-STABLE form after the commit of ZFS version 13 (commited Wed May 20 23:34:59 2009 UTC, of FreeBSD 8-CURRENT. Prior versions of ZFS are _not_ supported. Creating a ZFS based jail is as easy as using 'ezjail-admin create -c zfs <jailname> <jailip>'. Using zfs send/receive for archiving is not yet implemented. Converting non-ZFS basejail/newjail setups into ZFS setups is not handled by ezjail, converting non-ZFS jails into ZFS jails is not yet handled by ezjail but will be possible in the future. WARNING: ZFS is considered to be an experimental feature in FreeBSD. ZFS support in ezjail is work in progress. does no longer existerdgeist
2008-03-23Default login command changed from /bin/sh to /usr/bin/login -f rooterdgeist
2007-09-30Archive command should be working right nowerdgeist
2007-09-15introduced a console subcommand that allows attaching to a jail by it jailname. Also added documentation for that and the magic rc.d/ ↵erdgeist
introduced before
2006-05-22Preparing for release of ezjail-2.0betaerdgeist
2006-04-10Introduce ugly perl hack.erdgeist
2006-01-16Introducing ezjail_portscvsroot, dont initialize defaults twiceerdgeist
2005-10-14Last cleanups before committingRELEASE_1_0erdgeist
2005-09-22First test in live system yielded several problems :)erdgeist
2005-09-03Here we goerdgeist