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2013-12-07Lots of spelling fixes in comments and man pages submitted by Paul IvanovDirk Engling
2013-04-26Only work on jails that have been filtered into ezjail_pass for the post-commandserdgeist
2013-03-28Introduce _post_start_script.saite
2012-03-08Remove deprecated use of rcvar, thanks to Glen Barbererdgeist
2010-03-16Run the cpuset and zfs attach routine when doing start, startcrypto and restart.cryx
Reported by Jesse Kempf.
2010-02-18Attaching the ZFS-dataset and configuring the CPUset didn't work when doing "start" without explicit jailnames. e.g. this happened during normal boot.RELEASE_3_1cryx
2010-02-16Oops, commited local change :-/cryx
2010-02-16fix the eval syntaxcryx
2010-02-14* Create new jails with jail_JAILNAME_exec_start instead of jail_JAILNAME_execerdgeist
* replaces empty _exec_start with _exec and unsets _exec * When writing the config obey old settings, don't overwrite with defaults
2010-01-11Make non runnable jails stoppable, fourth attempt, non runnable now won't start nowerdgeist
2010-01-11Make non runnable jails stoppable, third attempt, works nowerdgeist
2010-01-11Make non runnable jails stoppable, second attempterdgeist
2010-01-11Make non runnable jails stoppableerdgeist
2010-01-09Remove control character. Those damn apple keyboards...erdgeist
2010-01-04Remove a debug echo.cryx
2009-12-29Fix the check for a correct CPUSETcryx
2009-12-28Support for setting and using jail-bound ZFS datasets, cpuset(1) and setfib(1).cryx
Jail-bound ZFS datasets still need the usual zfs+jail stuff like security.jail.mount_allowed=1 and security.jail.enforce_statfs=0 as well as "add path zfs unhide" in the devfs.rules for the jail. The setfib utility requires FIBs to be enabled via kernel-config. All features need at least FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE.
2008-01-08Reverse jail order when calling stoperdgeist
2007-10-08Fix a check that once required the variable to be != YESerdgeist
2007-10-08Revert the "fix" from 1.43, there was no bug in here but in ezjail-adminerdgeist
2007-10-08Apply coding style guides to as well. Also fix bug making startcrypto uselesserdgeist
2007-09-01rc.d/ restart failed on image jailserdgeist
2007-03-23Stale device link detection completed and tested. More testing required.erdgeist
2007-03-23Stale device link detection for image devices. Heads up. Untested.erdgeist
2007-02-22Try fscking the correct way. Have not yet figured it out completelyerdgeist
2006-09-12Check for root dir before running a jail. Thanks to Matthias Lederhofer.erdgeist
2006-07-16A much more sexy way of listing jailserdgeist
2006-07-15Fixed some expansion/quotation issues with tr's parameters ([:alnum:] etc.) Thanks to Simon L. Nielsen.erdgeist
2006-05-31Let ezjail only run after sshd, its better that way for many jails.RELEASE_2_0erdgeist
2006-05-22Preparing for release of ezjail-2.0betaerdgeist
2006-05-15simple image jails are now being detached, tooerdgeist
2006-05-09attaching and detaching image jails now works.erdgeist
2006-05-09Added attach/detach subsubcommands to configerdgeist
Added more error checking when attaching image jails Woke up this morning when the streets where full of cars
2006-05-07Add a forceful blocking option to ezjail creationerdgeist
2006-05-06-a mistaken for two ampersands... I am getting olderdgeist
2006-05-04Flag jails that would interrupt boot process as attachblocking. Skip or choose them deliberately in ezjail.sherdgeist
2006-05-04Added CVS Id Tagerdgeist
2006-05-03Now honour new crypto image typeserdgeist
2006-05-03Crypto image init-attach args converter introduced.erdgeist
2006-04-26Introducing a more generic crypto image strategyerdgeist
2006-04-24An empty ezjail directory made rcorder fail. Fixederdgeist
2006-04-22Do not use a lock file for gbde anymore. I have no concept of using/moving the lock file appropriately, so move it into the image.erdgeist now follows new variable name styleerdgeist
2006-04-15HEADS UP:erdgeist
Major changes in how config is fetched from jail config. A major variable renaming took place. A new subcommand config has been introduced. Jails can be configured not to be run automatically. Crypto images do not work anymore if made with an older version. (Due to config file variable renaming) .norun has been set as standard "do not run" name. However, any . is enough to prevent booting the jail.
2006-04-12Some more escaping...erdgeist now honours rcorders script ordererdgeist
2006-03-25bug in startcrypto fixederdgeist
2006-03-25Adding startcrypto and stopcrypto subcommands to start/stop all crypto jailserdgeist
2006-03-25Debug PREFIX removederdgeist
2006-03-25Cryptojails can be stopped without passphrase, so only exclude them from jail list at start uperdgeist