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2010-01-15Fix formating typo.cryx
2010-01-09Rename default flavour to example flavour ;)erdgeist
2010-01-09zfs property jailed has to be set to "on".cryx
2010-01-08Update the manpages to reflect the current state of options.cryx
2009-08-21ZFS clarification in the ezjail-admin manpagecryx
2008-08-06Grammar fixes. Thanks and a beer go out to Fred Condo.erdgeist
2008-07-10Add -P -M and -S switches to ezjail-admin install.erdgeist
2008-07-08Fix typos and add lots of documentation.erdgeist
2007-10-01Documentation for ezjail-admin archive enhancederdgeist
2007-10-01Document ezjail-admin archiveerdgeist
2007-09-15introduced a console subcommand that allows attaching to a jail by it jailname. Also added documentation for that and the magic rc.d/ introduc...erdgeist
2007-02-22Document fsck subcommanderdgeist
2007-02-21Learned groff (a little) and beautified the man page.erdgeist
2006-11-15rename introducederdgeist
2006-05-22Preparing for release of ezjail-2.0betaerdgeist
2006-05-17Document new -c arguments in man pageerdgeist
2006-05-16Documentation for the install and the list subcommanderdgeist
2006-04-10Documentation on the image jails. More to come.erdgeist
2006-02-09Radical change of what an ezjail flavour is. The old way got me stuck.erdgeist
2006-02-08Tidy up of now reflects in documentationerdgeist
2006-02-08Tightening up documentation.erdgeist
2006-01-30Documentation tidy uperdgeist
2006-01-18example shows usage of port updatingerdgeist
2006-01-16Explaining ports updateerdgeist
2005-12-31Reflect changes in flavour layout in man pageerdgeist
2005-11-21Flavours introducederdgeist
2005-10-14Last cleanups before committingRELEASE_1_0erdgeist
2005-10-01documentation for version 1.0erdgeist
2005-09-26ezjail now is called ezjail.sherdgeist
2005-09-24EZJAIL_PREFIX added to man pageserdgeist
2005-09-20Introduced -i option to ezjail-admin updateerdgeist
2005-09-20me no speek goot englitcherdgeist
2005-09-09Warn about making worldserdgeist