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2011-04-05ezjail-admin in the 8th section.fred
2011-01-20Add a link to rc(8) (but really a test for CVS write access).fred
2011-01-20New man pages, also put in new sectionserdgeist
2010-02-08Explain default and multiple flavourserdgeist
2010-01-14Introduce a default flavour setting, also fix some leftovers from renaming default to example. Many thanks to Panagiotis J. Christiaserdgeist
2010-01-08Update the manpages to reflect the current state of options.cryx
2008-08-06Grammar fixes. Thanks and a beer go out to Fred Condo.erdgeist
2007-10-01document ezjail_archivedir option, fix hierarchy of ezjail.conf optionserdgeist
2007-09-15introduced a console subcommand that allows attaching to a jail by it jailname. Also added documentation for that and the magic rc.d/ introduc...erdgeist
2006-05-22Preparing for release of ezjail-2.0betaerdgeist
2006-04-10Introduce ugly perl hack.erdgeist
2006-02-08Tightening up documentation.erdgeist
2006-01-16explaing ezjail_portscvsrooterdgeist
2005-09-26ezjail now is called ezjail.sherdgeist
2005-09-24EZJAIL_PREFIX added to man pageserdgeist