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2011-08-31Now moving to new style rc naming schemeerdgeist
2011-03-14Fix groff syntax errorerdgeist
2011-03-14Include experimental support for upgrading the basejailerdgeist
2011-01-28Correct miss-spelling of zfs parent filesystem as zpoolerdgeist
2011-01-28Explicitely warn the user to set the ezjail_jailzfs variable, also correct miss-naming the destination zfs parent filesystem as zpoolerdgeist
2011-01-25Several clarifications added to man pageserdgeist
2011-01-24Correct a typofred
2011-01-24Explaining the zfs features of ezjailerdgeist
2011-01-22Some clarifications to basic concepts of ezjailerdgeist
2011-01-20New man pages, also put in new sectionserdgeist