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2007-10-19After studying opentracker live data, I decided to radically reduce default allocation for vectors and making it grow faster instead: Most pools only had one...erdgeist
2007-10-19Remove an unused variableerdgeist
2007-10-19Release exactly all unused bytes in mmap allocation.erdgeist
2007-10-19give opentracker the missing header fileerdgeist
2007-10-19Must not dealloc mmaped buffers with free()erdgeist
2007-10-19Fix misunderstandig of what libowfat thinks are seconds and what I did...erdgeist
2007-10-19Increase check interval for timeouted sockets to 10 seconds. That may prevent some disrupted scrapes.erdgeist
2007-10-19Since array and io_batch are in a union, and we also have time-outing writable sockets, we need to mark, which of the union is used. Also remove the blessed ...erdgeist
2007-10-19Cannot access members after they are freed :/erdgeist
2007-10-18Save a lot of work when skipping through uninteresting http request parameterserdgeist
2007-10-18Make fromhex() even fastererdgeist
2007-10-18fixed one performance bug, where "skipping values from a &param=values pair" was requested, the requestor ended up with "values" to be parsed again.erdgeist
2007-10-17Increase send timeout. Also use an own variable for that.erdgeist
2007-10-17Increase send timeout. Also use an own variable for that.erdgeist
2007-10-17io_timeout is absolute, not relative :/erdgeist
2007-10-17Free iobatches on timeouterdgeist
2007-10-17HEADS UP: you need to check out the latest libowfat! Huge allocations are now taken from mmap()ed regions, not from heap anymoreerdgeist
2007-10-16Sockets we write to now do also timeouterdgeist
2007-10-16Fixed 24h clean bug. Allocate less memory for full scrape. Free torrents without any downloaders immediately.erdgeist
2007-10-16Exclude empty torrents from full scrape, also try to shrink full scrape buffer after it is fullerdgeist
2007-10-15fixed line breaks in logerdgeist
2007-10-15Log all expansive operations to stderrerdgeist
2007-10-13Most open trackers do not have the problem of not being called often enough.. so do not introduce an extra timeout when waiting for activity. That also remov...erdgeist
2007-10-13since gettimeofday is rather expansive, we do only fetch time once in a 5 second period, when we are delivered a SIGALRM.erdgeist
2007-10-12make 64bit safeerdgeist
2007-10-06There is a pool leak somewhere... try to find iterdgeist
2007-10-03fixed some stat outputdenis
2007-10-01Two more bugs in Makefile. Maybe I learn it one dayerdgeist
2007-10-01Revert debug option in Makefileerdgeist
2007-10-01Makefile now runs under bsdmake and gnumake againerdgeist
2007-09-26New stats for s24s code, this is debug, do not use in real worlderdgeist
2007-09-21fixed a small bug with 0 torrents and a cosmetical onedenis
2007-09-10Makefile defaults to an _open_ tracker again.erdgeist
2007-09-10An announce with event=stopped now returns correct number of leechers and seeders. In TCP and UDP.erdgeist
2007-08-18Fixed the inverse interpretation of black/white listingerdgeist
2007-08-18Added whitelisting to reimplement the WANT_CLOSED_TRACKER functionalityerdgeist
2007-08-18Under Linux one gets SIG_ALRMs from time to time when using epoll. Ignore those.erdgeist
2007-08-11Sort of addressed a concorrency issue when receiving mutliple SIG_HUPserdgeist
2007-07-22off by -1... or so, strange error classerdgeist
2007-07-22Fix endianess issue in /24 stats codeerdgeist
2007-07-22some subnet stats... still ugly and untested.erdgeist
2007-07-22* fixed "nobody " -> "nobody" fuckup when getpwnam-ingerdgeist
2007-07-20Clean up pw-structserdgeist
2007-06-24add comment for udp spec locationdenis
2007-06-06check for mafic udp iddenis
2007-05-20need more space for data because we reach this limit easily nowdenis
2007-05-04fixed an overflow in ot_overall_* variablesdenis
2007-04-10fix a warningdenis
2007-04-07Clean up help and usageerdgeist
2007-04-03New Makefile, incorporated some patches sent to me by Robin H. Johnsonerdgeist