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2009-09-15uintptr_t requires stdint.h, thanx ruebeerdgeist
2009-08-28Those stupid ncurses suckers made their getmaxx/y macros return _maxx/y + 1...erdgeist
2009-08-28Several members of ncurses WINDOW are opaque nowerdgeist
2007-06-27Introducing new ssl codeerdgeist
2007-06-26added missing headerfile for strlendenis
2007-02-11May specify privcollaps=1 in config to hide pm window on start uperdgeist
2006-01-29consoleline now redrawn correctlyerdgeist
2006-01-28I should be expelled from the C-Coders guilde for this embarassing bug, pm-window now pops up againerdgeist
2006-01-28stupid ncurses macros bugerdgeist
2006-01-27do not open channel window in query modeerdgeist
2006-01-26unsigned char tidy up, query modeerdgeist
2005-07-22Minor change: (void*) cast for warningserdgeist
2005-07-22PageUP/DN for OLDREADLINEerdgeist
2005-07-22Endlich PageUP/PageDNerdgeist
2004-06-03Resize tidied uperdgeist
2004-02-04An ugly Ctrl-J after Ctrl-X hide area bugerdgeist
2004-02-01Fixed ambigousityerdgeist
2004-02-01Bell on PM // Match username && username:erdgeist
2004-01-30mktime is too slow, store 64 bit time_t in logerdgeist
2004-01-28Did some documentationerdgeist
2003-11-19Resize triggered on SIGCONT to keep curses from fucking uperdgeist
2003-11-15UTF-8 autodetection, some gcc warningserdgeist
2003-06-29Added option 'usetopicbar', which defaults to 1erdgeist
2003-05-25Headerfiles for linuxerdgeist
2003-05-25Linux compatibility issueserdgeist
2003-05-25encoding, time, logging, paramserdgeist
2003-05-24Redraw triggered on startuperdgeist
2003-05-24Bug solved: string was painted to Privwin, even when scrollederdgeist
2003-04-12Annoying startup box goes awayerdgeist
2003-04-11private window hiding more discreeterdgeist
2003-04-03Discard changeserdgeist
2003-04-03Compiles again, but TAB on start doesn't work perfecterdgeist
2003-04-03Unused Variable Warningerdgeist
2003-04-03Stupid Readline Killingerdgeist
2003-04-03fprintf -> fputs, etc...erdgeist
2003-02-12CVS moved to erdgeist.orgerdgeist