Dear http://www.bonsaikitten.com/ staff,::

I am speaking for a larger german party called F.D.P. ( the Free Liberal Party: http://www.fdp.de/ ) As you might know, on September, 22nd the next election for the German Bundestag will take place and we currently are preparing our election campaign. As providing giveaways for interested voters always is a good idea, we consider ordering a larger quantity of kittens.

Now there are some questions left about this strategy: * Is it possible to form a single kitten into our F.D.P. shape, or will we have to order a set of 3 kittens each for a single letter? * Is it possible to colorize the kittens in our party logo colors blue and yellow? Maybe the space between each letters and its dots in blue and the remaining space yellow? * if we order, say 100.000 kittens, will you offer a discount? * is it possible to order these kittens on a commission base? That's because if we don't get enough votes in the election, we may not be able to pay all the kittens. Maybe you shape/form 50.000 pieces "just a bit" so you can reinflate them when we send them back? * As we currently have some problems concerning accuses of antisemitism we want to be sure not to let jewish cats be put into glasses, as this might result in bad press of the kind "F.D.P. imprisons jewish kittens". Could you please verify that each of these kittens is not pruned? * Of course it would be necessary to have those pets as soon as possible, how long would it take until the shaping is perfect? May we suggest giving HGH to accelerate the growth?

If you can fulfil our needs we even may think about ordering a special "parachute edition" which could be dropped at campaign events.

And: if your support leads us to government, we will pass a law, forcing every school to have at least one kitten for biology classes.

Yours sincerely

Martin Matz chairmember of F.D.P.