No Angel Yet

It was a cold winter day, aGE
I felt happy, 'til I found you. FGC
You didn't listen to what the people say, dGEa
you said: winning is what I have to do. FGa
So you took your courage and your strength aGE
and you went up the hill, FGC
looking down on the valley, on it's full length dGEa
and your feet were standing still. FGa
Cold and tired, how you were, Ce
but still laughing 'bout how far you did get, FG
you were lonely standing there, dG
praying: Please, no angel, yet! FGa
And you kept going, aGE
you were almost there, FGC
but then it started snowing, dGEa
and you didn't know, where you were. FGa
You fell down, in the snow, aGE
your joints were numb with cold, FGC
and you weren't able to go, dGEa
just like the people told. FGa
You cried out loudly, Ce
becoming so wet, FG
you cried out loudly: dG
Please, no angel, yet! FGa
But your prayer wasn't heard, aGE
there he came, your friend and foe, FGC
flying wiht you, like a bird, dGEa
he left your body, and took your soul. FGa
So there it lied, aGE
your body, cold, FGC
and I laid down by its side, dGEa
Waiting to be hold. FGa FGa