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2019-06-29Add header for int typesHEADmasterDirk Engling
2019-06-29Clean up 1992 post processingDirk Engling
2019-03-20Add code to lookup new zip codes for 1995 entries and fix up streetnamesDirk Engling
2019-03-07Build all postprocess tools with makeDirk Engling
2019-03-07merge_entries uses siphash to identify common chunksDirk Engling
2019-03-07Turn postgres description document into proper sql batchDirk Engling
2019-03-07Rework merge_entries to account for chunks moving between Zusaetze and Verweise columnDirk Engling
2019-03-04unify column cleansingDirk Engling
2019-03-04Add quotingDirk Engling
2019-02-24Add more detailsDirk Engling
2019-02-23Add code for database importDirk Engling
2019-02-04Make sort_plz work on single files instead of creating all the columnsDirk Engling
2019-02-02First attempt to sort for unificationsDirk Engling
2019-01-30Add branch name mapper code for v3Dirk Engling
2019-01-28Avoid warning for inline functionDirk Engling
2019-01-27let main return 0Dirk Engling
2019-01-27C99Dirk Engling
2019-01-27Linux also needs GNU SOURCEDirk Engling
2019-01-27Add stdint for uintptr_tDirk Engling
2019-01-22Add code that looks up Branchen names by codesDirk Engling
2019-01-22formattingDirk Engling
2015-06-03Accumulate return value of write() to finally silence warningsDirk Engling
2015-06-02Avoid warning for unused return valueDirk Engling
2015-06-02Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/origin/master'Dirk Engling
2015-06-02Add join tool to use after the makelam scriptDirk Engling
2015-06-02Avoid warnings for unused return valuesDirk Engling
2015-06-02Make main return 0Dirk Engling
2015-05-19Clean up record dumper for version 2 to better match documentationDirk Engling
2015-05-19Fix variable names to match documentation (and a slightly saner scheme)Dirk Engling
2015-05-15Renumbering for one unused fileDirk Engling
2015-05-15implement the zip code overrideDirk Engling
2015-05-14Fix a field I mixed up in continuationsDirk Engling
2015-05-14Fix up differences in version no/swDirk Engling
2015-05-13Silence warning about unused variableDirk Engling
2015-05-13Be less verbose now everything worksDirk Engling
2015-05-12Convert continuation flags in our standard representationDirk Engling
2015-05-12Fix: dump Ort and PLZ in the first record of a continuation. Until now it only was dumped in continuationsDirk Engling
2015-05-12Split continuation records into files, too.Dirk Engling
2015-05-10Split entries into different column files. Done for non-continuation-entriesDirk Engling
2015-05-07include split_version_2 in our Make processDirk Engling
2015-05-07We now officially can dissect the second version of Telefonbuch from 1995/1996, aka version 2Dirk Engling
2015-05-03Fixed an accidental removal of an assignmentDirk Engling
2015-05-03Fix amount of chunks passed to decompressor in first pageDirk Engling
2015-05-03Do not copy redundant data to continuation rowsDirk Engling
2015-04-30Fix broken lines and a too short conversion table for cp437Dirk Engling
2015-04-29Without explicitely setting ulimit, we cant expect 8MB on stack, resort to 4MBDirk Engling
2015-04-29We have a new format between the former version 1 and 2. So shift version numbers. Add READMEDirk Engling
2015-04-29some entries are now actually in the megabyte-region :(, stupid spammersDirk Engling
2015-04-27experimental code to extract white_1995_Q0 and white_1996_Q0Dirk Engling
2015-04-21Fix for if the last file is shorter than the decryption stringDirk Engling