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We now answer as soon as the first \n is seen
We do not copy input buffer to socket's input array anymore, if we find \n in first buffer We simplified parsing of input string We removed asserts that were needed to debug negative seeder counts We split static input and output buffers for obvious reasons We enlarged static output buffer to prepare multi scrape functionality We removed -lm from Makefile, this lib was only needed, when our random algorithm worked on floats We close fds now that come with an empty iocookie into write loop, those don't make sense We documented query string parser in opentracker.c a lot better to help auditing
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3#DEBUG_OPTS=-g -ggdb -pg # -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage 3#DEBUG_OPTS=-g -ggdb -pg # -fprofile-arcs -ftest-coverage
5CFLAGS+=-I../libowfat -Wall -pipe # -pedantic -ansi 5CFLAGS+=-I../libowfat -Wall -pipe # -pedantic -ansi
6LDFLAGS+=-L../libowfat/ -lowfat -lm 6LDFLAGS+=-L../libowfat/ -lowfat
7 7
8HEADERS=trackerlogic.h scan_urlencoded_query.h 8HEADERS=trackerlogic.h scan_urlencoded_query.h
9SOURCES=opentracker.c trackerlogic.c scan_urlencoded_query.c 9SOURCES=opentracker.c trackerlogic.c scan_urlencoded_query.c