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Added option to get ip from query string + parser, fixed two bugs concerning grow/shrink of vectors. Now cleans up a torrent BEFORE trying to remove a peer -> this may remove peer already and must be done anyway.
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1CC?=gcc 1CC?=gcc
2CFLAGS+=-I../libowfat -Wall -pipe -Os 2CFLAGS+=-I../libowfat -Wall -pipe -Os # -DWANT_IP_FROM_QUERY_STRING -g -ggdb
3LDFLAGS+=-L../libowfat/ -lowfat -s -lm 3LDFLAGS+=-L../libowfat/ -lowfat -s -lm
4 4
5HEADERS=trackerlogic.h scan_urlencoded_query.h 5HEADERS=trackerlogic.h scan_urlencoded_query.h