AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysInitialise top leechers vectorHEADmasterDirk Engling
10 daysAdd top100 torrents by leechers to the listDirk Engling
2024-04-21Disable forced gzip by defaultDirk Engling
2024-04-21Group feature options that need additional compiler flags in Makefiles, so they can be enable togetherDirk Engling
2024-04-21Move _GNU_SOURCE declaration further to the top, so recursive inclusion of stdio does not ignore the macroDirk Engling
2024-04-18Better point out what options can be given multiple timesDirk Engling
2024-04-18add example for option that may be given more than onceDirk Engling
2024-04-18further fixes to the man pageDirk Engling
2024-04-18Add missing config optionDirk Engling
2024-04-18Spelling in sample configDirk Engling
2024-04-18Add man page for the config fileDirk Engling
2024-04-18Some fixes to the man pageDirk Engling
2024-04-18Add first draft of a man pageDirk Engling
2024-04-18Add support for zstdDirk Engling
2024-04-18Only have huge downloads (aka chunked) be application/octet-streamDirk Engling
2024-04-17Let our fullscrapes have a binary content-typeDirk Engling
2024-04-17chrome does not accept chunked gzip encoding for http/1.0 protocol versionDirk Engling
2024-04-16Remove CVS version tags, they did not work anymore after moving to gitDirk Engling
2024-04-15Install default signal handlers before spawning first threadDirk Engling
2024-04-15deflatePending ist not available everywhere. Just treat the (very rare) case of some data being left over like all other reallocatablesDirk Engling
2024-04-15time_caching_worker never returns, but if it would, it should return a valueDirk Engling
2024-04-15define _GNU_SOURCE to silence warning about asprintfDirk Engling
2024-04-15Use bzero instead of the new iob_init for older libowfatsDirk Engling
2024-04-15fix: git version string is not yet availableDirk Engling
2024-04-15Remove warningDirk Engling
2024-04-15Allow the use of iob_init if the new libowfat is not yet availableDirk Engling
2024-04-15clang-formatDirk Engling
2024-04-15clang-formatDirk Engling
2024-04-15clang-formatDirk Engling
2024-04-14Formatter descriptionDirk Engling
2024-04-14SpellingDirk Engling
2024-04-14print when RANDOMTORRENTS were created (fix)Dirk Engling
2024-04-14print when RANDOMTORRENTS were createdDirk Engling
2024-04-14print when RANDOMTORRENTS were createdDirk Engling
2024-04-14Make the amount of random torrents a tunableDirk Engling
2024-04-14Silence warning in debug codeDirk Engling
2024-04-14gzip fullscrapes by default nowDirk Engling
2024-04-14Revert b8ee3dfec11d1c66bee614bfab171ada9fc2bb78Dirk Engling
2024-04-14remove debug fprintfs used to catch a bugDirk Engling
2024-04-14Use the HELPLINE macro for help linesDirk Engling
2024-04-14Call io_dontwantread only once on a socketDirk Engling
2024-04-13Merge branch 'chunked-transfers' of into chunked-transfersDirk Engling
2024-04-13Cancel chunked transfers on dead sockets, tooDirk Engling
2024-04-13white spaceDirk Engling
2024-04-13Initialise io_batches with their appropiate init functionDirk Engling
2024-04-13Remove unused macroDirk Engling
2024-04-13Use asprintf to allocate header instead of fixed arrayDirk Engling
2024-04-13Fix type warnings in debug stringsDirk Engling
2024-04-13Add proper parsing for the gzip content encodingDirk Engling
2024-04-13Make chunked transfers use gzip alsoDirk Engling