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2007-11-06No one can get access to buckets now without locking them. Also split up the trackerlogic.c-monster in functional sub-units. HEADS UP: this code is untested ...erdgeist
2007-11-06Rename source files in an ot_ fashionerdgeist
2007-11-06Make to_hex thread safe. Get rid off old /24 counting code. Protect more bucket accesses by locks.erdgeist
2007-11-06We do now use the tools for locking buckets in order to prepare MT codeerdgeist
2007-11-06Cleaned up stats return format. Also reflect APPI changes due to MT code in trackerlogic.{c,h}erdgeist
2007-11-06Locks tested. Got the test routine wrong -> Fixed.erdgeist
2007-11-03Introducing first tools to make opentracker multithreaded.erdgeist
2007-11-02Introduce configuration dependent number of parameters in a nicer wayerdgeist
2007-11-02The last experiment failed. No more accept deferralerdgeist
2007-11-02Trying to accept connections only when data has come in. This is an experiment.erdgeist
2007-11-01Allow for more than one admin ip addresserdgeist
2007-10-31Add more full scrape statserdgeist
2007-10-29Reenabled syncingerdgeist
2007-10-27Number of buckets is 1024 nowerdgeist
2007-10-23I accidently put space on the list of non-terminating characters...erdgeist
2007-10-23some clients chose to accidently send negative numwantserdgeist
2007-10-23Accept clients that forget to spell announce at all...erdgeist
2007-10-23Be really relaxed now about what to accept in values...erdgeist
2007-10-23Allow @ in values. This seems to fix some clientserdgeist
2007-10-23Allow = in values. This seems to fix some clientserdgeist
2007-10-23This uTorrent/1600 client requires some... measures :/ I dont like the workaround.erdgeist
2007-10-22Now measure the time a clean_all_torrents takeserdgeist
2007-10-22Now measure the time a clean_all_torrents takeserdgeist
2007-10-21assume anything looking like GET /a to be an announce...erdgeist
2007-10-21Last fix was not enough to get rid off those 1600er buggers.erdgeist
2007-10-21Work around the stupid utorrent 1600 bug. That'll be removed after a while.erdgeist
2007-10-21Now the Holzhammer: GET /an is announce, GET /sc is scrape. Period.erdgeist
2007-10-21now accept more classes of announce fuckupserdgeist
2007-10-21Just one more typoerdgeist
2007-10-21Just one more typoerdgeist
2007-10-21Work around more typos that might end up in torrent files as announce urlserdgeist
2007-10-21Debug code sometimes copied too much dataerdgeist
2007-10-21Fixed one leak from struct_httperdgeist
2007-10-19Be even more stupidistas-toleranterdgeist
2007-10-19Fix debug outputerdgeist
2007-10-19Enable _DEBUG_HTTPERROR to avoid warning...erdgeist
2007-10-19Include time since startup in full scrape debug outputerdgeist
2007-10-19Now limit full scrape to requests sending exactly "GET /scrape HTTP/"erdgeist
2007-10-19Introducing multiscrapeerdgeist
2007-10-19Prevent url-decoding for debug by using a temp buffererdgeist
2007-10-19Those stupid "announce ?info_hash" torrents get really annoying. Fix it in announce and scrape.erdgeist
2007-10-19be more verbose about what full scrape consumers deliver in their http requestserdgeist
2007-10-19After studying opentracker live data, I decided to radically reduce default allocation for vectors and making it grow faster instead: Most pools only had one...erdgeist
2007-10-19Remove an unused variableerdgeist
2007-10-19Release exactly all unused bytes in mmap allocation.erdgeist
2007-10-19give opentracker the missing header fileerdgeist
2007-10-19Must not dealloc mmaped buffers with free()erdgeist
2007-10-19Fix misunderstandig of what libowfat thinks are seconds and what I did...erdgeist
2007-10-19Increase check interval for timeouted sockets to 10 seconds. That may prevent some disrupted scrapes.erdgeist
2007-10-19Since array and io_batch are in a union, and we also have time-outing writable sockets, we need to mark, which of the union is used. Also remove the blessed ...erdgeist