AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-12-03Simplify includeserdgeist
2007-12-03Drop ot_{byte,word,dword} and use uint{8,16,32}_terdgeist
2007-12-03Move blessed IP handling code to accesslist objectserdgeist
2007-12-03Move http handling to its own sourceserdgeist
2007-12-02add scrape stats and small correction to udp statsdenis
2007-11-29Encforce setting the clock more often. This hopefully fixes a rare bug of g_now not being updated anymore.erdgeist
2007-11-28Fixed a bug where we forgot to stamp torrents that are not new.erdgeist
2007-11-28XCode-Project. Note: This is PPC only, x86 must be enablederdgeist
2007-11-25Fixed call to deflate() with wrong flag in endgameerdgeist
2007-11-24Missed the second strnstr... fixed.erdgeist
2007-11-24Debug settings for chunk size were _way_ to low for productionerdgeist
2007-11-23Completely rewritten fullscrape code. All assumptions on how deflate() works were a little naive. Needs more error checking and testing.erdgeist
2007-11-23strnstr is not part of what posix conform libc has to offer... replace it by strstr after cutting off the last byteerdgeist
2007-11-23Reflect changes in iovec code in sync codeerdgeist
2007-11-23make ot_iovecs fix last interface more sane, also add a convenience function that handles the task of fixing, allocating and - if necessary - freeingerdgeist
2007-11-22Introducing compression for fullscrapes and tpbs statserdgeist
2007-11-22Introducing compression task flagserdgeist
2007-11-22Make allowing gzip a Makefile tunableerdgeist
2007-11-21Fixing mmap allocation went to ot_mutex.c. Clean all torrents moved to ot_clean.c. Also make static buffers staticerdgeist
2007-11-21Fixing mmap allocation went to ot_mutex.c. Also startup new sync thread.erdgeist
2007-11-21static bufs are not shared anymore, even if that means more memory.erdgeist
2007-11-21Reflect changes in multithreaded sync model in header file.erdgeist
2007-11-21Make sync generation multithreaded.erdgeist
2007-11-21Split sync in and sync out into different taskserdgeist
2007-11-21Documentation fixerdgeist
2007-11-21Last user of sendmmapdata is gone. Purge it.erdgeist
2007-11-20Tested for a too strict condition, we do need the correct tasktype AND an empty taskid, not the other way arounderdgeist
2007-11-20Make clean_single_torrent return much faster, if nothing is to doerdgeist
2007-11-20Sockets do not inherit non-blocking state in libowfat...erdgeist
2007-11-19Fullscrape now cleanly finalizes its threaderdgeist
2007-11-19Cleanup now moved to its own thread, tooerdgeist
2007-11-19Missing include for htonl()erdgeist
2007-11-18Full scrapes are now being delivered in different modes, as triggered by stats&mode=tpbserdgeist
2007-11-18Reflect new task-classes model in fullscrape workererdgeist
2007-11-18Reflect new task-classes model in mutex queueerdgeist
2007-11-18Stats are tasks now, they also come in classes.erdgeist
2007-11-18Stats are tasks now.erdgeist
2007-11-16Forgot to specify -pthread when using threadserdgeist
2007-11-16introducing multithreaded full scrape creation.erdgeist
2007-11-15tasklist code now tested in a multi threaded environment.erdgeist
2007-11-14Move dead socket handling from handle_(read,write,timedout) into its own function handle_deaderdgeist
2007-11-14Introducing the workqueueerdgeist
2007-11-13Increase full scrape chunk size to 1/2megerdgeist
2007-11-13Rather embarrasing arithmetic fuckuperdgeist
2007-11-13missing includeerdgeist
2007-11-12Fix typos in documenationerdgeist
2007-11-12Some in code documentation to make Denis happy :)erdgeist
2007-11-12Moving accesslist stuff to its own objecterdgeist
2007-11-12Return at end of line missingerdgeist