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masterFix documentationerdgeist11 years
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2013-04-02Fix documentationHEADmastererdgeist
2013-04-02Merge correlation function into process, also add documentationerdgeist
2013-04-02have the outside remember, if it is the first frameerdgeist
2013-03-30Add an option to allow seamless connection after last processed frameerdgeist
2013-03-28Remove superflous includes, comment out debug codeerdgeist
2013-03-28Attribute slope function to the original author. Get rid off the last float outside initializationerdgeist
2013-03-28Use specialized memcpy wrapper to avoid missing a sizeof(short). Also get rid off floats around the innerloop. Use precalc table.erdgeist
2013-03-28time stretchingerdgeist