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masterMove normalization math back to the function it belongserdgeist3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-04-16Move normalization math back to the function it belongsHEADmastererdgeist
2018-04-16Make pitch factor global optionerdgeist
2018-04-16Rework when to play notes in attackerdgeist
2018-04-16Add normalizing and pitch bending delay codeerdgeist
2018-04-16Add velocity codeerdgeist
2018-04-04Make flip pitch its own functionerdgeist
2018-04-04white spaceserdgeist
2018-04-04Clean up key down handlererdgeist
2018-04-04moving max x/y or the octave split sets config source to editerdgeist
2018-04-04Don't display 2 octave split line unless requestederdgeist
2018-04-04Handle flipping Y in config.cerdgeist
2018-04-02Put debug code wrapper in main headererdgeist
2018-04-02Major refactoringerdgeist
2018-04-02be more precise regarding harfe config source and connect stateerdgeist
2018-04-02Rework display frameworkerdgeist
2018-04-02Too many changeserdgeist
2018-04-02Add support for new board revisionerdgeist
2018-04-02Make fontserdgeist
2017-04-10Touch up default output. Also react to mouse moveserdgeist
2017-04-09Add more commands for config editerdgeist
2017-04-09Add function to find a point for a certain offseterdgeist