BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
freebsd_upgrade_stuffinstead of creating temporary folder with files, grep in installlog directly. Skip usr/ports by default, which speeds this up a lot.Philipp Wuensche15 months
masterFix superfluous asteriks in multiplicationDirk Engling4 years
RELEASE_3_4_2commit c520f88754...Dirk Engling5 years
RELEASE_1_1commit 6ca864f125...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_1_2commit 4604263f7d...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_1_3commit 681fd19990...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_1_3_1commit f17039a851...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_2_0commit a305599a9f...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_2_0_1commit 1811275808...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_2_1commit 6b2fe867d5...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_1_0commit 709e87e5dc...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_3_1commit 5ad647ec21...Gerd Eist7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2008-09-26Preparing ezjail for 3.0RELEASE_3_0erdgeist
2008-08-06Grammar fixes. Thanks and a beer go out to Fred Condo.erdgeist
2008-07-18NOOO! We do not want to install word! Never! Thanks to Georg Hartzell for pointing that out.erdgeist does no longer existerdgeist
2008-07-16Finally modernize behaviour of ezjail-admin update.erdgeist
2008-07-13echo needs a -e switch in order to handle newlines correctlyerdgeist
2008-07-13Fixed one unverfied copy'n'paste actionerdgeist
2008-07-10Add -P -M and -S switches to ezjail-admin install.erdgeist
2008-07-09A control character slipped into the scripterdgeist
2008-07-09Embarrassing boolean expression mistakeerdgeist
2008-07-09Move image mount logic into a functionerdgeist
2008-07-08Direct find to 'find .' instead of 'find *' to allow for dot-files to be found and too many parameters never to occurerdgeist
2008-07-08Typo in installerdgeist
2008-07-08Fix typos and add lots of documentation.erdgeist
2008-07-08Fix typos and add lots of documentation.erdgeist
2008-07-07Typo in imported image sizeerdgeist
2008-07-07When restoring, use rcorder-lines from old ezjails configerdgeist
2008-07-07Fix a problem where we can not detach a jail after its creation, because we're still inside its root directory.erdgeist
2008-07-06Making paths absolute did not work correctly. Also move commands handling multiple jails to a for loop instead of a while looperdgeist
2008-07-06Use sh\'s own line splitting algorithm instead of cuterdgeist
2008-07-06Fix pathname substitution to prevent incorrect retrieval of soft links, when creating a jail from archive.erdgeist
2008-06-04Make deletes less verbose. also rename tmpfile to ezjail_tmpfileerdgeist
2008-06-01Saving config from archive to tempfile in order to source iterdgeist