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freebsd_upgrade_stuffinstead of creating temporary folder with files, grep in installlog directly. Skip usr/ports by default, which speeds this up a lot.Philipp Wuensche2 years
masterFix superfluous asteriks in multiplicationDirk Engling5 years
RELEASE_3_4_2commit c520f88754...Dirk Engling6 years
RELEASE_1_1commit 6ca864f125...Gerd Eist8 years
RELEASE_1_2commit 4604263f7d...Gerd Eist8 years
RELEASE_1_3commit 681fd19990...Gerd Eist8 years
RELEASE_1_3_1commit f17039a851...Gerd Eist8 years
RELEASE_2_0commit a305599a9f...Gerd Eist8 years
RELEASE_2_0_1commit 1811275808...Gerd Eist8 years
RELEASE_2_1commit 6b2fe867d5...Gerd Eist8 years
RELEASE_1_0commit 709e87e5dc...Gerd Eist8 years
RELEASE_3_1commit 5ad647ec21...Gerd Eist8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2010-02-18Attaching the ZFS-dataset and configuring the CPUset didn't work when doing "start" without explicit jailnames. e.g. this happened during normal boot.RELEASE_3_1cryx
2010-02-16Missing &&cryx
2010-02-16$0 is /etc/rc here, so doing rm -f "${0}" would leave the jail without /etc/rc after the first start.cryx
2010-02-16Oops, commited local change :-/cryx
2010-02-16fix the eval syntaxcryx
2010-02-14* Create new jails with jail_JAILNAME_exec_start instead of jail_JAILNAME_execerdgeist
2010-02-11Make ezjail-list not wider than 80 chars, if possibleerdgeist
2010-02-08Explain default and multiple flavourserdgeist
2010-02-08Consider this to be the second part of the changes that started in 1.247erdgeist
2010-02-08Removing flavourizing shell scripts now is done in the installed ezjail-configerdgeist
2010-02-08Make the Makefile install nullmailer-example, as wellerdgeist
2010-02-08Make the Makefile install nullmailer-example, as wellerdgeist
2010-02-08Revert parts of the changes from 1.243, from now on we install a working make.conf againerdgeist
2010-02-08Add INDEXDIR to modified make.conf, to prevent portupgrade from dying.erdgeist
2010-02-05Ensure that no-ip jails are listed as wellerdgeist
2010-01-24Example flavour for using nullmailer as sendmail-replacement inside a jail, routing outgoing mail over an extern mailserver.cryx
2010-01-24- fix adding a .device entry into the fstab of a zfs-backed jail when renamingcryx
2010-01-20If pax fails resetting access times, don't report archiving errors.erdgeist
2010-01-15Forgot the "".cryx
2010-01-15Wrong order.cryx
2010-01-15Fix restoring zfs jails, they don't necessarily have a size so the ezjail-admin create command has to be invoked without the -s option.cryx
2010-01-15Fix the renaming of the mountpoint while renaming a zfs backed jail.cryx
2010-01-15Fix formating typo.cryx