BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
freebsd_upgrade_stuffinstead of creating temporary folder with files, grep in installlog directly. Skip usr/ports by default, which speeds this up a lot.Philipp Wuensche15 months
masterFix superfluous asteriks in multiplicationDirk Engling4 years
RELEASE_3_4_2commit c520f88754...Dirk Engling5 years
RELEASE_1_1commit 6ca864f125...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_1_2commit 4604263f7d...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_1_3commit 681fd19990...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_1_3_1commit f17039a851...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_2_0commit a305599a9f...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_2_0_1commit 1811275808...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_2_1commit 6b2fe867d5...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_1_0commit 709e87e5dc...Gerd Eist7 years
RELEASE_3_1commit 5ad647ec21...Gerd Eist7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-01-07Copy content of directory, not directory itselfRELEASE_3_2erdgeist
2012-01-07Correct version informationerdgeist
2012-01-07Make flavourize script a new style rc commanderdgeist
2012-01-07Make flavour script a real new style rc scripterdgeist
2012-01-07query_ftp_server broke a loop to far aboveerdgeist
2012-01-04Fix white space issueerdgeist
2012-01-04Fix logic in the non-RELEASE ftp server queryerdgeist
2012-01-04Try to unify installarch and installplatform so that query_ftp_server can work with it, tooerdgeist
2012-01-04Create new manpage directory for man7erdgeist
2012-01-04Create new manpage directory for man8erdgeist
2012-01-02From FreeBSD 9.0 on there's no need to install extra man pages. The come with the base pkg.erdgeist
2012-01-02Older bsdtar version can't decompress on the fly. Use xzdec insteaderdgeist
2012-01-02Some more subtle changes in the new release directory structureerdgeist
2012-01-02Preparing ezjail to work with new release directory layouterdgeist
2011-11-07Reflect new style of setting up flavours in ezjail-adminerdgeist
2011-11-07Prepare an example rc script that shows the new way of initialising a flavourerdgeist
2011-11-07Default way to setup a flavour now is a proper rc scripterdgeist
2011-08-31Typo in zsh functions direrdgeist
2011-08-31Install the zsh completion pluginerdgeist
2011-08-31Frédéric Perrin wrote a zsh completion plugin for jailserdgeist
2011-08-31Now moving to new style rc naming schemeerdgeist
2011-07-27Fix: When stopped jail , ezjail-admin console is successfull. Thanks to Tsubasa Nomuraerdgeist
2011-06-14Fix typoerdgeist