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Document the snapshot command
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@@ -409,6 +409,37 @@ rc.d/ezjail can be used to start and stop jails by prepending
409Refer to 409Refer to
410.Xr rc 8 410.Xr rc 8
411for details. 411for details.
412.Ss Snapshots and retention policies
413Jails residing in their own zfs and their corresponding zfs data sets can be
414automatically snapshot by the
415.Cm ezjail-admin snapshot
416subcommand. Taking snapshots of all jails before a major update is considered
417best practise. However, when taking snapshots regularly, the amount of disc
418space used can be considerable.
420Therefore ezjail allows you to set retention policies that describe how many
421of your snapshots you want to keep for one or all jails or a particular zfs. See
422the description of the snapshot command in
423.Xr ezjail-admin 5
424for details.
426A retention policy consists of one or multiple windows for which ezjail guarantees
427to keep at least one and at most two snapshots. A simple example:
428.D1 $ezjail_default_retention_policy="1d 2w 1y"
429will ensure ONE snapshot for the last day, for the last two weeks before that day and
430then for one snapshot in the year before the two-week window. Valid multipliers are
431(m)inutes, (h)ours, (d)ays, (w)eeks and (y)ears.
433Windows can be repeated by prepending them with a number and the letter x:
434.D1 $ezjail_test_com_retention_policy="24x1h 6x1d 3x1w 11x4w KEEP"
435will set the retention policy for jail to keep hourly snapshots for one
436day, then daily snapshots for the rest of the week, weekly snapshots for the rest of
437the month, monthly snapshots for the rest of the year.
439The magic keyword KEEP at the end of the list will make ezjail not delete snapshots
440older than the oldest window. It is your responsibility to keep the list in an order
441that makes keeping snapshots possible, i.e. not placing one-hour-windows after
412.Ss Remarks & Tips 443.Ss Remarks & Tips
413Jails can be either accessed from the network, for instance by using 444Jails can be either accessed from the network, for instance by using
414.Xr ssh 1 , 445.Xr ssh 1 ,