AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-02-16Ugly ugly bug: [ test for string ] fails for too many paramters. Quote the string.RELEASE_1_3erdgeist
2006-02-15Dont install a jail to an existing locationerdgeist
2006-02-14/boot and /rescue move to basejailerdgeist
2006-02-10Warn for resolv.confRELEASE_1_2erdgeist
2006-02-10explain more.erdgeist
2006-02-09Give permissions to the correct file.erdgeist
2006-02-09Condition check turned arounderdgeist
2006-02-09Discontinue deprecated -r option for cperdgeist
2006-02-09Discontinue deprecated -r option for cp, ensure flavour directoryerdgeist
2006-02-09Put into rcordererdgeist
2006-02-09Radical change of what an ezjail flavour is. The old way got me stuck.erdgeist
2006-02-09Radical change of what an ezjail flavour is. The old way got me stuck.erdgeist
2006-02-08flavours now become a single shell scripterdgeist
2006-02-08Tidy up of now reflects in documentationerdgeist
2006-02-08Simplyfing a lot of the code. Harder to read, now :(erdgeist
2006-02-08Tightening up documentation.erdgeist
2006-02-08quote mismatch. Formattingerdgeist
2006-02-08cvsroot for ports now obeyd in cvs up, too. Cosmetics.erdgeist
2006-02-06Cosmetics. Corrected a stupid glitch claiming, the command would be 'ezjail' instead of 'ezjail-admin'.erdgeist
2006-02-06Protect against empty variable expansion problems in [ $var ]erdgeist
2006-02-06provide braces for variable expansion, rename a to dir, remove templatejail_old only, if it existserdgeist
2006-02-06provide braces for variable expansionerdgeist
2006-02-03Tidying up the rc.d script, only run, if any of the jails specified exists. restart does not work anymore due to a bug in rc.subrerdgeist
2006-02-02rc.d scripts must not issue line breakserdgeist
2006-02-02Reflect character whitelisting in rc.d-scripterdgeist
2006-02-02_ may be replaced by _, avoid identical variable nameserdgeist
2006-02-01Variable name tidy up, forbid anything but [:alnum:]_ in variable nameserdgeist
2006-01-30Documentation tidy uperdgeist
2006-01-20Code review. Mainly minor style fixes. One issue with softlink to /basejail/usr/ports fixed. Old flavour directory /basejail/config/pkg not created anymore.erdgeist
2006-01-20Help pkg_add to find packages in correct ordererdgeist
2006-01-18example shows usage of port updatingerdgeist
2006-01-18extra sanity checkserdgeist
2006-01-16We need to test for soft link, not for regular fileerdgeist
2006-01-16Some people dont want there sticky tags removed on ports updatingerdgeist
2006-01-16Introducing ezjail_portscvsroot, dont initialize defaults twiceerdgeist
2006-01-16Introducing the -P flag to allow ports updating onlyerdgeist
2006-01-16explaing ezjail_portscvsrooterdgeist
2006-01-16Explaining ports updateerdgeist
2006-01-07globbing is essential when specifying /pkg/*erdgeist
2005-12-31ensure ownership of default flavour, any owner different from root must be specified in config anywayerdgeist
2005-12-31Warnings must be emitted last, chflags must be applied to non-shared directories as wellerdgeist
2005-12-31copy the whole defaults directory, not just its entrieserdgeist
2005-12-31Reflect changes in flavour layout in man pageerdgeist
2005-12-31Info is in ezjail-admin man pageerdgeist
2005-12-31a nice default sudoers for a jailerdgeist