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2005-12-31Warnings must be emitted last, chflags must be applied to non-shared directories as wellerdgeist
2005-12-31copy the whole defaults directory, not just its entrieserdgeist
2005-12-31Flavours now head to their final layout:erdgeist
2005-12-18Rethought flavourserdgeist
2005-12-10BUG: /lib /libexec was not in basejailerdgeist
2005-11-22output of cpio now is hidden for ezjail-createerdgeist
2005-11-19Checks for already listening services addederdgeist
2005-11-17flavour was copied to / not to /etcerdgeist
2005-11-17exit called once too oftenerdgeist
2005-11-17Typo and put ezjails share, where it belongserdgeist
2005-11-17Default PREFIX provided, flavour stuff addederdgeist
2005-11-15function keyword not in BSDs sherdgeist
2005-11-14avoid nesting, some may say this introduces ugly style, I consider it more conciseerdgeist
2005-11-13update aliased as setuperdgeist
2005-11-09More sanity checks before and while making the jail worlderdgeist
2005-11-09Create config directory in basejailerdgeist
2005-11-09Check if jail is still running before removing iterdgeist
2005-10-21Checks for existence of base jail in updateRELEASE_1_1erdgeist
2005-10-20cpio creates missing directories 0700 - we need 0755erdgeist
2005-10-15Enforce creation of a new config resource on createerdgeist
2005-09-27Format list more nicelyerdgeist
2005-09-25parameter checking improved, check for IP on local interfaceerdgeist
2005-09-25delete works now, stupid nname bug fixederdgeist
2005-09-25delete implemented, permissions changed, root permissions no longer necessary to start script, it will run into problems early enuogherdgeist
2005-09-25Need a default full jailerdgeist
2005-09-24started implementing deleteerdgeist
2005-09-22auto prefix reinsertederdgeist
2005-09-22list works in a very basic modeerdgeist
2005-09-22First test in live system yielded several problems :)erdgeist
2005-09-21nonstandard expansions removed, syntax errors removederdgeist
2005-09-21substring starts at 0...erdgeist
2005-09-20Honour the install only flag in updateerdgeist
2005-09-14lots of actual create jail logic implementederdgeist
2005-09-12argument evaluation for create subcommanderdgeist
2005-09-05more sanity checkserdgeist
2005-09-03Here we goerdgeist