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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2006-04-24Make portsnap extract to the correct directoryerdgeist
2006-04-24Wrong default for ezjail_jailtemperdgeist
2006-04-24Install will confirm release version for any non -RELEASE version nowerdgeist
2006-04-24Quote mismatcherdgeist
2006-04-24HEADS UP: Common elements in update and install have been moved to a function. portsnap now is default way to maintain your copy of ports tree.erdgeist
2006-04-24An empty ezjail directory made rcorder fail. Fixederdgeist
2006-04-24ezjail_dirlist has been created. This variable will serve as starting point for automatic extension of that list, e.g. /usr/lib32 on 64bit machines.erdgeist
2006-04-22Do not use a lock file for gbde anymore. I have no concept of using/moving the lock file appropriately, so move it into the image.erdgeist
2006-04-22Two typos when merging into ezjail-admin. Thanks to Greg Johnsonerdgeist
2006-04-19Variable name cleanup nearly completed. Install subcommand imported from Untested, unfinished\!erdgeist
2006-04-16one newline too mucherdgeist
2006-04-15Two bugs preventing jails to be set norun or run have been fixed.erdgeist
2006-04-15Some variable name problems have been solvederdgeist
2006-04-15Forgot some braces, more testing follows.erdgeist
2006-04-15HEADS UP:erdgeist
2006-04-12Beautify list output and prepend a header rowerdgeist
2006-04-12Some space problems in the list subcommand fixederdgeist
2006-04-12ezjail_list now prints out a bunch more information. Docu follows.erdgeist
2006-04-11Flavours now unconditionally overwrite files in jailerdgeist
2006-04-11new options correctly listed in create without optionserdgeist
2006-04-11create -i now doesn't override -c anymoreerdgeist
2006-04-10Introduce ugly perl hack.erdgeist
2006-04-03C-Coders mistakes... ;)erdgeist
2006-04-03Much more error handling. Not tested yet.erdgeist
2006-04-01Beautify config files ;)erdgeist
2006-04-01The list subcommand now prints jails in order of startup executionerdgeist
2006-04-01Provide some lines to indicate the availability of rcorder-style ordering in ezjail configs.erdgeist
2006-03-21ezjail now comes with image jails. HEADS UP! A lot of testing is ahead.erdgeist
2006-03-15Moved usr/games and usr/libdata to basejail, saves ~100kerdgeist
2006-03-12Trailing spaceserdgeist
2006-03-06Check, that noone creates a jail called "fulljail"erdgeist
2006-03-03Syntax error fixed.. Shame on me for not testingerdgeist
2006-02-23Dont prevent recreating existing jails :/erdgeist
2006-02-21Cosmetics. Really ;)erdgeist
2006-02-16Ugly ugly bug: [ test for string ] fails for too many paramters. Quote the string.RELEASE_1_3erdgeist
2006-02-15Dont install a jail to an existing locationerdgeist
2006-02-14/boot and /rescue move to basejailerdgeist
2006-02-09Give permissions to the correct file.erdgeist
2006-02-09Condition check turned arounderdgeist
2006-02-09Discontinue deprecated -r option for cp, ensure flavour directoryerdgeist
2006-02-09Radical change of what an ezjail flavour is. The old way got me stuck.erdgeist
2006-02-08quote mismatch. Formattingerdgeist
2006-02-08cvsroot for ports now obeyd in cvs up, too. Cosmetics.erdgeist
2006-02-06Cosmetics. Corrected a stupid glitch claiming, the command would be 'ezjail' instead of 'ezjail-admin'.erdgeist
2006-02-06Protect against empty variable expansion problems in [ $var ]erdgeist
2006-02-06provide braces for variable expansion, rename a to dir, remove templatejail_old only, if it existserdgeist
2006-02-02_ may be replaced by _, avoid identical variable nameserdgeist
2006-02-01Variable name tidy up, forbid anything but [:alnum:]_ in variable nameserdgeist