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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author does no longer existerdgeist
2008-07-16Finally modernize behaviour of ezjail-admin update.erdgeist
2008-07-13echo needs a -e switch in order to handle newlines correctlyerdgeist
2008-07-13Fixed one unverfied copy'n'paste actionerdgeist
2008-07-10Add -P -M and -S switches to ezjail-admin install.erdgeist
2008-07-09A control character slipped into the scripterdgeist
2008-07-09Embarrassing boolean expression mistakeerdgeist
2008-07-09Move image mount logic into a functionerdgeist
2008-07-08Direct find to 'find .' instead of 'find *' to allow for dot-files to be found and too many parameters never to occurerdgeist
2008-07-08Typo in installerdgeist
2008-07-08Fix typos and add lots of documentation.erdgeist
2008-07-07Typo in imported image sizeerdgeist
2008-07-07When restoring, use rcorder-lines from old ezjails configerdgeist
2008-07-07Fix a problem where we can not detach a jail after its creation, because we're still inside its root directory.erdgeist
2008-07-06Making paths absolute did not work correctly. Also move commands handling multiple jails to a for loop instead of a while looperdgeist
2008-07-06Use sh\'s own line splitting algorithm instead of cuterdgeist
2008-07-06Fix pathname substitution to prevent incorrect retrieval of soft links, when creating a jail from archive.erdgeist
2008-06-04Make deletes less verbose. also rename tmpfile to ezjail_tmpfileerdgeist
2008-06-01Saving config from archive to tempfile in order to source iterdgeist
2008-05-19Fix quoting errors.erdgeist
2008-05-11Fix ezjail_makeabsolute, it was broken, when the provided 2nd path wasnt absolute. Also add lots of logic to the restore command. Soon will be working[tm].erdgeist
2008-04-02when specifying jail name, options must not be quotederdgeist
2008-03-23Default login command changed from /bin/sh to /usr/bin/login -f rooterdgeist
2008-03-22Include version information. Also fix an amd64 install problem.erdgeist
2008-03-14fixed stray control charactererdgeist
2008-03-14abstract making absolute paths. use pax instead of tar to extract archives. Also do not report an error, if ezjail.conf is missing.erdgeist
2008-01-08Format for property files in ezjail archive now changed to use - as seperator.erdgeist
2008-01-02Fetching first values from an ezjail archive in restore command. Still not functional.erdgeist
2008-01-02Guess archive name on restoreserdgeist
2008-01-02Allow restoring from a archive coming in from stdinerdgeist
2007-11-27Fix some bugs in stdout archive codeerdgeist
2007-11-27Allow for specifying - as filename if archiving to stdout is desired.erdgeist
2007-11-27Conditions checked the wrong wayerdgeist
2007-10-08In a function we must not shift positional parameterserdgeist
2007-10-08Get rid off rather ugly ezjail_imageparams HACKerdgeist
2007-10-08Fixed some missmatched quoteserdgeist
2007-10-08Some nesting errors occured... investigatingerdgeist
2007-10-08We need all image parameters, even when the image already existederdgeist
2007-10-08Also include stopcrypto to the list of proxied requestserdgeist
2007-10-08Also include startcrypto to the list of proxied requestserdgeist
2007-10-07introduce -f option to getopt list of ezjail-admin deleteerdgeist
2007-10-07Lots of things changed:erdgeist
2007-10-02A strange utf8 char slipped into my code.erdgeist
2007-10-02put the jails name into archiveerdgeist
2007-10-01archive switch now is -a for both ezjail-admin archive and ezjail-admin createerdgeist
2007-09-30archiving multiple or all jails now works. Documentation in manpages is dueerdgeist
2007-09-30Archive command should be working right nowerdgeist
2007-09-29Fix a quoting bugerdgeist
2007-09-29We'll be using pax to archiveerdgeist