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2013-12-07Lots of spelling fixes in comments and man pages submitted by Paul IvanovDirk Engling
2013-04-26Only work on jails that have been filtered into ezjail_pass for the post-commandserdgeist
2013-03-28Introduce _post_start_script.saite
2012-03-08Remove deprecated use of rcvar, thanks to Glen Barbererdgeist
2010-03-16Run the cpuset and zfs attach routine when doing start, startcrypto and restart.cryx
2010-02-18Attaching the ZFS-dataset and configuring the CPUset didn't work when doing "start" without explicit jailnames. e.g. this happened during normal boot.RELEASE_3_1cryx
2010-02-16Oops, commited local change :-/cryx
2010-02-16fix the eval syntaxcryx
2010-02-14* Create new jails with jail_JAILNAME_exec_start instead of jail_JAILNAME_execerdgeist
2010-01-11Make non runnable jails stoppable, fourth attempt, non runnable now won't start nowerdgeist
2010-01-11Make non runnable jails stoppable, third attempt, works nowerdgeist
2010-01-11Make non runnable jails stoppable, second attempterdgeist
2010-01-11Make non runnable jails stoppableerdgeist
2010-01-09Remove control character. Those damn apple keyboards...erdgeist
2010-01-04Remove a debug echo.cryx
2009-12-29Fix the check for a correct CPUSETcryx
2009-12-28Support for setting and using jail-bound ZFS datasets, cpuset(1) and setfib(1).cryx
2008-01-08Reverse jail order when calling stoperdgeist
2007-10-08Fix a check that once required the variable to be != YESerdgeist
2007-10-08Revert the "fix" from 1.43, there was no bug in here but in ezjail-adminerdgeist
2007-10-08Apply coding style guides to as well. Also fix bug making startcrypto uselesserdgeist
2007-09-01rc.d/ restart failed on image jailserdgeist
2007-03-23Stale device link detection completed and tested. More testing required.erdgeist
2007-03-23Stale device link detection for image devices. Heads up. Untested.erdgeist
2007-02-22Try fscking the correct way. Have not yet figured it out completelyerdgeist
2006-09-12Check for root dir before running a jail. Thanks to Matthias Lederhofer.erdgeist
2006-07-16A much more sexy way of listing jailserdgeist
2006-07-15Fixed some expansion/quotation issues with tr's parameters ([:alnum:] etc.) Thanks to Simon L. Nielsen.erdgeist
2006-05-31Let ezjail only run after sshd, its better that way for many jails.RELEASE_2_0erdgeist
2006-05-22Preparing for release of ezjail-2.0betaerdgeist
2006-05-15simple image jails are now being detached, tooerdgeist
2006-05-09attaching and detaching image jails now works.erdgeist
2006-05-09Added attach/detach subsubcommands to configerdgeist
2006-05-07Add a forceful blocking option to ezjail creationerdgeist
2006-05-06-a mistaken for two ampersands... I am getting olderdgeist
2006-05-04Flag jails that would interrupt boot process as attachblocking. Skip or choose them deliberately in ezjail.sherdgeist
2006-05-04Added CVS Id Tagerdgeist
2006-05-03Now honour new crypto image typeserdgeist
2006-05-03Crypto image init-attach args converter introduced.erdgeist
2006-04-26Introducing a more generic crypto image strategyerdgeist
2006-04-24An empty ezjail directory made rcorder fail. Fixederdgeist
2006-04-22Do not use a lock file for gbde anymore. I have no concept of using/moving the lock file appropriately, so move it into the image.erdgeist now follows new variable name styleerdgeist
2006-04-15HEADS UP:erdgeist
2006-04-12Some more escaping...erdgeist now honours rcorders script ordererdgeist
2006-03-25bug in startcrypto fixederdgeist
2006-03-25Adding startcrypto and stopcrypto subcommands to start/stop all crypto jailserdgeist
2006-03-25Debug PREFIX removederdgeist
2006-03-25Cryptojails can be stopped without passphrase, so only exclude them from jail list at start uperdgeist