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2019-08-15introduce the baseclean subcommand. It uses the new install log to compare to the files present in the basejail and deletes them. By default it does a dry ru...Philipp Wuensche
2019-08-14add to description of -KPhilipp Wuensche
2019-08-14Add -K option to install, which can be used to upgrade basejail to a newer FreeBSD version without loosing old libs inside the basejail. Could replace "updat...Philipp Wuensche
2016-05-02Fix man page typosDirk Engling
2014-06-10Document the snapshot commanderdgeist
2013-12-07Lots of spelling fixes in comments and man pages submitted by Paul IvanovDirk Engling
2013-09-01Make the ezjail-admin config -r test hack officialerdgeist
2013-08-02Fix man page for startcrypto and stopcrypto, thanks to kaltheaterdgeist
2013-04-14document the new jail(8) behaviour regarding the interface prefix on the ip addresserdgeist
2013-04-10Document the new ezjail-admin create -z feature. Also properly attribute the man page authors.erdgeist
2011-08-31Now moving to new style rc naming schemeerdgeist
2011-03-14Fix redundant formatting paramerdgeist
2011-03-14Include experimental support for upgrading the basejailerdgeist
2011-01-28Correct miss-spelling of zfs parent filesystem as zpoolerdgeist
2011-01-25Several clarifications added to man pageserdgeist
2011-01-25The ezjail-admin create -A switch is for internal use only. It is used, when ezjail-admin restore re-creates a jail from archiveerdgeist
2011-01-20New man pages, also put in new sectionserdgeist