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2014-10-07Add test code to check reliablity of fixexp(), for sufficently large absolute values (>0.00013) our error is below 0.2%)HEADmastererdgeist
2014-10-07Adding test code for fixexp. We're accurate to 22 significant bitserdgeist
2014-10-06Replace rest of hex constants with Q26 macros, also replace algorithm for arguments of fixexp with negative parameter with a more aggressive oneerdgeist
2014-10-06Add code to look for an optimal solution for negative parameters to exp() ... turns out, the naive solution had the same score as all the other optima.erdgeist
2014-10-06Convert hex constants to double constants and a macro to convert them to Q26erdgeist
2014-10-06Clean up table generatorerdgeist
2014-10-05Fix typo in license commenterdgeist
2014-10-05Initial version. Works. Untested. Unreviewederdgeist