BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterQuoting PLUGIN variable gave plain newlines in list, breaking plug insDirk Engling5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-11Quoting PLUGIN variable gave plain newlines in list, breaking plug insHEADmasterDirk Engling
2019-04-13Add laundry to memory infoDirk Engling
2016-03-04Import fix for cpu clock rate.Dirk Engling
2016-03-04Get rid of some warnings in shellcheckerDirk Engling
2014-02-12A missing _ led to the env-variable not being built properly, thus rendering plugin configs with more than one env entry brokenDirk Engling
2014-01-30Got the amount of seconds in a day wrong ;) Thanks to Lothar SchmidtDirk Engling
2013-09-29Total screws up display for many file systems. Don't make it the defaulterdgeist
2013-09-29Fix missing newline in df commanderdgeist
2013-09-29experimental df supporterdgeist
2013-09-29Add license.erdgeist
2013-09-29a simple test plugin to see if the config file parser works.erdgeist
2013-09-29Implement more plugin config file parameterserdgeist
2013-09-28remove unnecessary temporary variableerdgeist
2013-09-27A good project needs a Makefileerdgeist
2013-09-27Be more strict about what to allow in a requesterdgeist
2013-09-26Fix syntax error for process configerdgeist
2013-09-26Add process monitoringerdgeist
2013-09-25parameters should not contain the whole patherdgeist
2013-09-25When looking for a named plugin, also accept soft linkserdgeist
2013-09-25Need proper parenserdgeist
2013-09-25Want to also find soft linked plugins, to support wildcard pluginserdgeist
2013-09-22Ignore non-linked wildcard pluginserdgeist
2013-09-22Remove debug codeerdgeist