BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix two issues when splitting an iovec to large iobatchesDirk Engling6 days
OPENTRACKER_WITH_BATCHSYNCcommit 35dbfb637b...cvs2git13 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysFix two issues when splitting an iovec to large iobatchesHEADmasterDirk Engling
6 daysHandle eagain case in trywriteDirk Engling
6 daysAdd newline to debug stringDirk Engling
2021-04-25Merge branch 'split-iobatches' of into split-iobatchesDirk Engling
2021-04-25Remove old mman headerDirk Engling
2021-04-25Turn mmaps into mallocDirk Engling
2021-04-25Retry successful writes immediatelyDirk Engling
2021-04-24Split huge iovecs over multiple io_batchesDirk Engling
2021-04-22gzip iovecs always end on the boundary and don't need to be fixedDirk Engling
2021-04-21Add a handler for the EAGAIN reason code to iob_sendDirk Engling
2021-04-21Rework fullscrape worker, unifying non-gzip and gzip code was a bad ideaDirk Engling
2021-04-20accesslist checker should not operate on an empty listDirk Engling
2021-04-20srandomdev is not available on linuxes by defaultDirk Engling
2021-04-20Use arc4random whereever we need strong entropyDirk Engling
2021-04-20Use dev random by defaultDirk Engling
2021-04-20Turn random() to nrand48 in inner loop where it is not cryptographically relevant to avoid futex storm. Thanks and credits to Bart SmienkDirk Engling
2021-04-20White spaceDirk Engling
2021-04-19unmap file if a memory allocation error occursDirk Engling
2021-04-19Make accesslist reload thread safe. The last commit actually would make a free possible while another thread was bsearching that memoryDirk Engling
2021-04-19Try accessing the access lists without locks by making the replacement process as atomic as possible.Dirk Engling
2021-04-19De-bottleneck mutex access codeDirk Engling
2018-05-26Remove debug code for self pipesDirk Engling
2018-05-26Tell libowfat about EWOULDBLOCK conditionsDirk Engling