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2007-11-06Have an own file handle udp requests.erdgeist
2007-11-06Move stats out of opentracker.c, also have an own file handle udp requests.erdgeist
2007-11-06Thank you, GNU for fucking up pmake :)erdgeist
2007-11-06Makefile now builds each object on its own. Thus it can be build with -j2 and highererdgeist
2007-11-06Fixed a forgotten unlock and a messed up string pointererdgeist
2007-11-06Fixed ntohl includeerdgeist
2007-11-06Fixed warnings about newlines at end of fileerdgeist
2007-11-06No one can get access to buckets now without locking them. Also split up the trackerlogic.c-monster in functional sub-units. HEADS UP: this code is untested ↵erdgeist
and not considered stable.
2007-11-06Rename source files in an ot_ fashionerdgeist
2007-11-06Make to_hex thread safe. Get rid off old /24 counting code. Protect more bucket accesses by locks.erdgeist
2007-11-06We do now use the tools for locking buckets in order to prepare MT codeerdgeist
2007-11-06Cleaned up stats return format. Also reflect APPI changes due to MT code in trackerlogic.{c,h}erdgeist
2007-11-06Locks tested. Got the test routine wrong -> Fixed.erdgeist
2007-11-03Introducing first tools to make opentracker multithreaded.erdgeist
2007-11-02Introduce configuration dependent number of parameters in a nicer wayerdgeist
2007-11-02The last experiment failed. No more accept deferralerdgeist
2007-11-02Trying to accept connections only when data has come in. This is an experiment.erdgeist
2007-11-01Allow for more than one admin ip addresserdgeist
2007-10-31Add more full scrape statserdgeist
2007-10-29Reenabled syncingerdgeist
2007-10-27Number of buckets is 1024 nowerdgeist
Clean all torrents now only cleans one bucket at a time All torrents that are being worked upon in an announce are being cleaned on demoand torrent's peer lists now keep extra counts for seeds and peers to speed up scrape and announce Sync has gone for now. I will think up a new way to implement. The old one was way to slow.
2007-10-23I accidently put space on the list of non-terminating characters...erdgeist
2007-10-23some clients chose to accidently send negative numwantserdgeist
2007-10-23Accept clients that forget to spell announce at all...erdgeist
2007-10-23Be really relaxed now about what to accept in values...erdgeist
2007-10-23Allow @ in values. This seems to fix some clientserdgeist
2007-10-23Allow = in values. This seems to fix some clientserdgeist
2007-10-23This uTorrent/1600 client requires some... measures :/ I dont like the workaround.erdgeist
2007-10-22Now measure the time a clean_all_torrents takeserdgeist
2007-10-22Now measure the time a clean_all_torrents takeserdgeist
2007-10-21assume anything looking like GET /a to be an announce...erdgeist
2007-10-21Last fix was not enough to get rid off those 1600er buggers.erdgeist
2007-10-21Work around the stupid utorrent 1600 bug. That'll be removed after a while.erdgeist
2007-10-21Now the Holzhammer: GET /an is announce, GET /sc is scrape. Period.erdgeist
2007-10-21now accept more classes of announce fuckupserdgeist
2007-10-21Just one more typoerdgeist
2007-10-21Just one more typoerdgeist
2007-10-21Work around more typos that might end up in torrent files as announce urlserdgeist
2007-10-21Debug code sometimes copied too much dataerdgeist
2007-10-21Fixed one leak from struct_httperdgeist
2007-10-19Be even more stupidistas-toleranterdgeist
2007-10-19Fix debug outputerdgeist
2007-10-19Enable _DEBUG_HTTPERROR to avoid warning...erdgeist
2007-10-19Include time since startup in full scrape debug outputerdgeist
2007-10-19Now limit full scrape to requests sending exactly "GET /scrape HTTP/"erdgeist
2007-10-19Introducing multiscrapeerdgeist
2007-10-19Prevent url-decoding for debug by using a temp buffererdgeist
2007-10-19Those stupid "announce ?info_hash" torrents get really annoying. Fix it in announce and scrape.erdgeist
2007-10-19be more verbose about what full scrape consumers deliver in their http requestserdgeist
2007-10-19After studying opentracker live data, I decided to radically reduce default allocation for vectors and making it grow faster instead: Most pools only had ↵erdgeist
one or two peers, wasting 8*15 or 8*14 bytes.