AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2021-08-23Fix return code check inversion introduced in last commitHEADmasterDirk Engling
2021-08-22Mark return code of write() as intentionally unusedDirk Engling
2021-08-22fix implicit fallthrough spellingRomain Porte
This commit fixes the syntax of the implicit fallthrough comments, in order to be matched by GCC (and probably other compilers as well) with the following regular expression: [ \t.!]*([Ee]lse,? |[Ii]ntentional(ly)? )? fall(s | |-)?thr(ough|u)[ \t.!]*(-[^\n\r]*)? See:
2021-08-22opentracker.c: check set*id return valuesRomain Porte
This commit fix the following similar warnings: opentracker.c:562:7: warning: ignoring return value of ‘setegid’ declared with attribute ‘warn_unused_result’ [-Wunused-result] […] The man page of these functions ask users to explicitly check the return value in case of any error happening.
2021-07-27Fix typo. Thanks to Romain PorteDirk Engling
2021-07-27Obey DESTDIR macro. Thanks to Romain PorteDirk Engling
2021-06-06Using strip from enviroment to allow different strippersDirk Engling
2021-06-05Make accesslists work again by testing the actual result of bsearch. Thanks to HannoDirk Engling
2021-05-09Fix two issues when splitting an iovec to large iobatchesDirk Engling
2021-05-09Handle eagain case in trywriteDirk Engling
2021-05-09Add newline to debug stringDirk Engling
2021-04-25Merge branch 'split-iobatches' of into split-iobatchesDirk Engling
2021-04-25Remove old mman headerDirk Engling
2021-04-25Turn mmaps into mallocDirk Engling
2021-04-25Retry successful writes immediatelyDirk Engling
2021-04-24Split huge iovecs over multiple io_batchesDirk Engling
2021-04-22gzip iovecs always end on the boundary and don't need to be fixedDirk Engling
2021-04-21Add a handler for the EAGAIN reason code to iob_sendDirk Engling
2021-04-21Rework fullscrape worker, unifying non-gzip and gzip code was a bad ideaDirk Engling
2021-04-20accesslist checker should not operate on an empty listDirk Engling
2021-04-20srandomdev is not available on linuxes by defaultDirk Engling
2021-04-20Use arc4random whereever we need strong entropyDirk Engling
2021-04-20Use dev random by defaultDirk Engling
2021-04-20Turn random() to nrand48 in inner loop where it is not cryptographically relevant to avoid futex storm. Thanks and credits to Bart SmienkDirk Engling
2021-04-20White spaceDirk Engling
2021-04-19unmap file if a memory allocation error occursDirk Engling
2021-04-19Make accesslist reload thread safe. The last commit actually would make a free possible while another thread was bsearching that memoryDirk Engling
2021-04-19Try accessing the access lists without locks by making the replacement process as atomic as possible.Dirk Engling
2021-04-19De-bottleneck mutex access codeDirk Engling
2018-05-26Remove debug code for self pipesDirk Engling
2018-05-26Tell libowfat about EWOULDBLOCK conditionsDirk Engling
2018-01-29register both ends of self pipe to libowfat in order to use themDirk Engling
2017-04-28break belongs inside the guardDirk Engling
2017-04-28incorporate a more verbose ascii dump, provided by Tom <>Dirk Engling
2017-04-28Get rid of some warnings regarding header guardsDirk Engling
2016-10-02Avoid double free when iob_addbuf_free fails, thanks to Sami FarinDirk Engling
2015-12-11Forgot to include one error code. Thanks to Lars SeipelDirk Engling
2015-11-26dont count scrapes as full scrapes, fall through failDirk Engling
2015-11-25Accept was counted twiceDirk Engling
2015-08-30Add missing enum value. Thanks to zhangdongmaoDirk Engling
2015-06-08Increase number of locks to accomodate for more cores on contemporary CPUsDirk Engling
2015-06-05Avoid reacting to our own error packets, should the happen to end up on our interface with a spoofed source IP. Thanks to zorun.Dirk Engling
2015-04-27Fix typo in stat reporting, use udp and not tcp counter. Thanks to zebulonDirk Engling
2014-10-07Protect static data by mutexerdgeist
2014-10-07Only kick off udp handlers, when everything is initialisederdgeist
2014-10-07Initialise all values of aes keyerdgeist
2013-08-04Fix immediate overwrite in the X-forwarded-for passing case. Thanks to Alexander Luetjen.erdgeist
2013-06-07Fix spelling error ;)erdgeist
2012-06-08Dont make srandomdev the default, it exists only in BSDserdgeist
2012-06-03Make woodpecker spotting more usable by adjusting count every 2 minuteserdgeist