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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-02-01add the scrapes to the valid requests (blue mrtg line)denis
2007-02-01el cheapo vector debuggingerdgeist
2007-02-01Use multiple output buffers to try to avoid copy on write when unnecessaryerdgeist
2007-01-31Try to shake off too stupid clients by sending an Bittorrent error rather than an HTTP 400erdgeist
2007-01-31Use signed size_t wherever appropriateerdgeist
2007-01-31size_t cant get < 0 and thus wont report errorserdgeist
2007-01-29provide mrtg with more sane stringserdgeist
2007-01-29We now answer as soon as the first \n is seenerdgeist
2007-01-27complete_D_ ... ECODERTOODUMBerdgeist
2007-01-27account downloaded before early returnserdgeist
2007-01-26announce.php and scrape.php are now being handlederdgeist
2007-01-26Introduce another unspec'd command: sync which syncs the most recent peer pool for a torrent out. Do some variable type clean up. Do some code structure clea...erdgeist
2007-01-25return random check back intervals to our clientserdgeist
2007-01-24Code cleanup reindentingerdgeist
2007-01-24backout Revision 1.67denis
2007-01-24workaround for some weird requestsdenis
2007-01-24Denis wanted scrapes and erdgeist didnt give it :)denis
2007-01-24Copy request before expanding url-encoded bytesdenis
2007-01-24Debugging for failed requests.erdgeist
2007-01-23Count successful announces extraerdgeist
2007-01-20FD-debug also in new iob_send patherdgeist
2007-01-20Full scrape, kinda testederdgeist
2007-01-20increase the timeout to make the ride a little smoother for some clientsdenis
2007-01-20-m64 is not usually a correct compile optionerdgeist
2007-01-19Debug file descriptorserdgeist
2007-01-19set the interval to 1800 for announce (last change was only for scrape)denis
2007-01-18From now the OT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT will be enforced, even if some data arrived inside this intervalerdgeist
2007-01-18Tidied main loop do accept() and read() before timeout()erdgeist
2007-01-18Give our server some air to check for timedout connectionserdgeist
2007-01-18Rearranged code to try to read data as soon as socket is accepted, also raise backlog for listening socketerdgeist
2007-01-17Simple top5 by peers/seeders tableerdgeist
2007-01-16Rudimentary statserdgeist
2007-01-16Do some timeout checking on the first possible momenterdgeist
2007-01-16Previous answer to event=stopped irritated some clients. Now reply with a static nothing-messageerdgeist
2007-01-14Cast types for mrtg_scrape sprintferdgeist
2007-01-14Drop permission, if we canerdgeist
2007-01-11Documentation improved, some reindenting (again), variable types checked, unnecessary defines removederdgeist
2007-01-10Ignore SIGPIPE. This is safe, since it only raises, when the remote site died before we could send our paket back and is catched by write() returning -1erdgeist
2007-01-09Fixed a bug where I didn't replace new buffer pointer after realloc. Fixed a bug where I didnt copy enough memory when shrinking vectors. Now save some extra...erdgeist
2007-01-08Now we also check, if no io happenserdgeist
2007-01-08Some code spacifying. Added actually checking timeouts.erdgeist
2007-01-08Indent. Sorry. Plus timeout on every connection, for every byte we got.erdgeist
2007-01-08This one breaks all ;) Lets see, what happenserdgeist
2007-01-07add timeout for clientserdgeist
2007-01-06shutdown was unnecessaryerdgeist
2007-01-06Apply some limitserdgeist
2007-01-05Be more helpfulerdgeist
2007-01-05added closed tracker and blacklist codeerdgeist