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2007-01-03Added option to get ip from query string + parser, fixed two bugs concerning grow/shrink of vectors. Now cleans up a torrent BEFORE trying to remove a peer -...erdgeist
2006-12-19Remove some integer constants from code. Bad coder. Very bad coder :/erdgeist
2006-12-19Now every answer goes in one buffererdgeist
2006-12-16Try early answerserdgeist
2006-12-16Missing header fileerdgeist
2006-12-16try shutdown() the socket after writingerdgeist
2006-12-16corrected the modifier for size_tdenis
2006-12-16Fixed two mem leaks from httpd :/erdgeist
2006-12-16Fixed memleak in example httpd :/erdgeist
2006-12-16Made answer http/1.1erdgeist
2006-12-15Division in stats now workserdgeist
2006-12-15fix includeerdgeist
2006-12-15Make code endianess saveerdgeist
2006-12-15fixed typodenis
2006-12-15sorted bencoded ordererdgeist
2006-12-15Fixed mem leak, inmplemented mrtg_scrapeerdgeist
2006-12-14announce now returns all mandatory answer dictionary entrieserdgeist
2006-12-14Now actually seems to work for the most partserdgeist
2006-12-13Reacts more appropriate, however EXC_BAD_ACCESS triggerederdgeist
2006-12-12This is a complete rewrite... assume nothing works.erdgeist
2006-12-09Fixed parsererdgeist
2006-12-08Logic now actually initialized and deinitializederdgeist
2006-12-08Begun printf debuggingdenis
2006-12-08Should work now *cough* *cough*erdgeist
2006-12-08Further compact codeerdgeist
2006-12-08More cleanuperdgeist
2006-12-08Some syntax errors removederdgeist
2006-12-08hooks into scanning functions builterdgeist
2006-12-07url parserdenis
2006-12-07Started to implement glueerdgeist
2006-12-06blocking socket blocks...erdgeist