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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-22fix implicit fallthrough spellingRomain Porte
2021-04-20Use arc4random whereever we need strong entropyDirk Engling
2016-10-02Avoid double free when iob_addbuf_free fails, thanks to Sami FarinDirk Engling
2010-08-15Stop sending tracker id with every packeterdgeist
2010-08-15Don't only walk through outgoing connections to search for connected peerserdgeist
2010-08-15Address reconnecting issueserdgeist
2010-08-15Fixed sync loss bugerdgeist
2010-08-14Looking into pointer arithmetics issueerdgeist
2010-08-14tidy up peer count parser codeerdgeist
2010-08-14Fix encoding of peer count in proxy sync packeterdgeist
2010-08-13Tidy up sync proxy codeerdgeist
2009-10-15Should not report sync scrape packets in stderrerdgeist
2009-10-02Log successful incoming connectionserdgeist
2009-10-02Report connection duplicationerdgeist
2009-10-02Network connection code seems to be working nowerdgeist
2009-10-01Network handling code skeleton stands, is untested and no configure code there, yet.erdgeist
2009-09-29Reaching completion soonerdgeist
2009-07-16Double definition of all_torrentserdgeist
2009-07-16Add a new proxy daemon to opentrackererdgeist