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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-08-18Added whitelisting to reimplement the WANT_CLOSED_TRACKER functionalityerdgeist
2007-07-22off by -1... or so, strange error classerdgeist
2007-07-22Fix endianess issue in /24 stats codeerdgeist
2007-07-22some subnet stats... still ugly and untested.erdgeist
2007-07-22* fixed "nobody " -> "nobody" fuckup when getpwnam-ingerdgeist
2007-05-20need more space for data because we reach this limit easily nowdenis
2007-04-10fix a warningdenis
2007-04-03New Makefile, incorporated some patches sent to me by Robin H. Johnsonerdgeist
2007-03-27Added inbound part of sync. This also meant to remove the black/whitelisting as we did by now. A more scalable way to blacklist will follow.erdgeist
2007-03-27Added outbound part of sync Proposed format: d4:syncd20:<info_hash>8*N:(xxxxyy)*Nee, therefore had to refactor torrent cleanup now that it will hit all torre...erdgeist
2007-03-17endianess fix for udp scrapedenis
2007-03-16support for udp scrapedenis
2007-03-10make full scrapes a bit faster, increase checkback time for udperdgeist
2007-03-07Missing includeerdgeist
2007-03-06udp is working in theory, return_peers_for_torrent accepts a switch to request an udp answer. Fixed prototypes.erdgeist
2007-03-05Can now handle multiple ips/ports, can BIND to udp ports but not yet handle them, now checks if event=completed comes with left=0 and drops it, if it doesnterdgeist
2007-03-02stupid mistake in remove torrent callerdgeist
2007-02-16Count completed messages only once per peererdgeist
2007-02-04Add a lot of documentation for static functions in trackerlogic.c. Make vector_remove_peer use hysteresis only, if pool is expected to grow again. Remove too...erdgeist
2007-02-04shortened the dmem debug outputdenis
2007-02-02made the output of the memdebug smallerdenis
2007-02-01clear the freed mempointerdenis
2007-02-01release memory for empty peer poolserdgeist
2007-02-01Forgot to take into account, that there are OT_POOL_COUNT debuggable pools in one torrent. Fixed.erdgeist
2007-02-01Reserved too few space to hold all data for a memdebugerdgeist
2007-02-01el cheapo vector debuggingerdgeist
2007-01-29We now answer as soon as the first \n is seenerdgeist
2007-01-27really copy in new peer, even if it already existed, to remember its stateerdgeist
2007-01-27Asserts were always false :/erdgeist
2007-01-27Due to recent issues... assert() seed countserdgeist
2007-01-27account downloaded before early returnserdgeist
2007-01-27fix for corrupt fullscrape. did never work until nowdenis
2007-01-26Introduce another unspec'd command: sync which syncs the most recent peer pool for a torrent out. Do some variable type clean up. Do some code structure clea...erdgeist
2007-01-25return random check back intervals to our clientserdgeist
2007-01-24Return empty dictionary for unknown scrapeserdgeist
2007-01-20Full scrape, kinda testederdgeist
2007-01-18From now the OT_CLIENT_TIMEOUT will be enforced, even if some data arrived inside this intervalerdgeist
2007-01-17Simple top5 by peers/seeders tableerdgeist
2007-01-16Prevent each invocation of clean_peerlist to call time()erdgeist
2007-01-16Use mrtg to do periodical cleanup. Hopefully that wont make too much load for stats.erdgeist
2007-01-16Rudimentary statserdgeist
2007-01-15set interval to default value from original trackerdenis
2007-01-13New, fixpoint distinct random algorithm for choosing peers from the list... may contain bugs. Feedback welcomeerdgeist
2007-01-12casting does floor() by itselferdgeist
2007-01-11Documentation improved, some reindenting (again), variable types checked, unnecessary defines removederdgeist
2007-01-09Fixed a bug where I didn't replace new buffer pointer after realloc. Fixed a bug where I didnt copy enough memory when shrinking vectors. Now save some extra...erdgeist
2007-01-06Apply some limitserdgeist
2007-01-05black listing was the wrong way arounderdgeist
2007-01-05really check g_check_blacklist flagerdgeist
2007-01-05Be more helpfulerdgeist