AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2014-04-15don't check cipher if SSL object not availableAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15update debian packaging rulesAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15version bump 0.18Andreas Kotes
2014-04-15allow the use of TLSv1 / TLSv1_1 againAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15show cipher being usedAndreas Kotes
2014-04-15change to use TLSv1_2 (or maybe later)Andreas Kotes
2014-04-15handle SSL I/O errors more gracefully, avoid double freeAndreas Kotes
2014-04-10update manual pages to point to gitAndreas Kotes
2014-04-10recommend openssl 1.0.1g++Andreas Kotes
2014-04-10request 4096 instead of 2048 bitAndreas Kotes
2014-04-10use SHA1 instead of MD5 for cert digestAndreas Kotes
2014-04-10rudimentary debian wheezy build fixAndreas Kotes
2014-01-05Dict handling to allow custom completion from user dictionaryDirk Engling
2013-07-15add a global tcp-keepalive-option. thanks to Fefeerdgeist
2013-07-15Work around mbrlen return code stupidity.erdgeist
2013-07-15Only complain about config file not found, not about formats fileerdgeist
2013-03-20Revert last change, this was just some lokal skinningerdgeist
2013-03-20Make ncursesw the defaulterdgeist
2012-02-27Only use nicknames once they're zero terminated ;)erdgeist
2012-02-27readline will not sort, if we ignore duplicateserdgeist
2012-02-27missing variable declarationserdgeist
2012-02-27Make user matching sort alphabetically and obey case settingserdgeist
2012-02-27declare configure int in vchat.herdgeist
2012-02-27Revert debug Makefile changeserdgeist
2012-02-27Complete rewrite of user handling. HEADS UP\!erdgeist
2011-09-27fix COMMAND_FORMAT parameterserdgeist
2011-09-17Enable loading formats from clienterdgeist
2010-10-11Need locale.herdgeist
2010-10-09Handle utf8 in readline correctlyerdgeist
2010-10-09default hscroll to 15erdgeist
2010-08-27Reintroduce using user's localeerdgeist
2010-08-27Make locale options non-optional. Everyone's expected to have locale.h nowadays.erdgeist
2010-08-27Don't force an empty locale on no-oneerdgeist
2010-08-27Tidy up ssl code, move all ssl related stuff to vchat-ssl and clean up some wrinkles in cert verificationerdgeist
2010-08-27Make config file parser more efficient, also don't force unencrypted connections to port 2323erdgeist
2010-07-30Can do v6 and reconnect.erdgeist
2009-09-15uintptr_t requires stdint.h, thanx ruebeerdgeist
2009-08-28Those stupid ncurses suckers made their getmaxx/y macros return _maxx/y + 1...erdgeist
2009-08-28void* data types are of uintptr_t width.erdgeist
2009-08-28One data type is const in opensslerdgeist
2009-08-28Several members of ncurses WINDOW are opaque nowerdgeist
2008-10-01avoid deprecated error strings, part 3erdgeist
2008-10-01avoid deprecated error strings, part 2erdgeist
2008-10-01avoid deprecated error stringserdgeist
2008-01-23We did not obey user specified porterdgeist
2007-12-10Fixing missing include time.herdgeist
2007-07-01Introducing /reconnect commanderdgeist
2007-06-28Auto reconnecterdgeist
2007-06-27Introducing new ssl codeerdgeist
2007-06-27Its not bad to know about yourselferdgeist