BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterSet loggedin to false when connection breaksDirk Engling2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-15Set loggedin to false when connection breaksHEADmasterDirk Engling
2017-05-06Add more cleanup code on connection lossDirk Engling
2016-08-27Adapt to openssl 1.1.0 APIDirk Engling
2016-04-15Reformat fingerprint display for better readabilityDirk Engling
2016-04-15Fix last patch (that was committed blindly)Dirk Engling
2016-04-15Make fingerprint pinning an optionDirk Engling
2016-04-15add chompDirk Engling
2016-04-15More fixes to fingerprint checker codeDirk Engling
2016-04-15Fix fingerprint verification codeDirk Engling
2016-04-15Also allow ignoring SSL error, if fingerprinting is enabledDirk Engling
2015-01-19Username checks need to terminate at 0, not at strlen(g_nick)Dirk Engling
2014-11-16Check for error allocating tls structDirk Engling
2014-11-16Keep pulling openssl's tentacles out of protocol codeDirk Engling
2014-11-15openssl include unnecessary hereDirk Engling
2014-05-07use version-independent cipherlist againerdgeist
2014-04-30merge github patcheserdgeist
2014-04-16reintroduce ignssl, safeguard pinningAndreas Kotes
2014-04-16Fix trailing spaceserdgeist
2014-04-16Merge from githuberdgeist
2014-04-16store & verify server cert fingerprintAndreas Kotes
2014-04-16fix version stringsAndreas Kotes
2014-04-16version 0.19Andreas Kotes
2014-04-15Specify client methoderdgeist