BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
abstract-io-libsformatterDirk Engling4 months
masterFixing file permissionsDirk Engling4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-05-25Fixing file permissionsHEADmasterDirk Engling
2022-05-25Fixing file permissionsDirk Engling
2022-05-25Add /usr/local/{bin|include} to the default include and lib pathsDirk Engling
2022-05-25formatterabstract-io-libsDirk Engling
2022-05-25formatterDirk Engling
2022-05-25Make tls engine runtime configurableDirk Engling
2022-05-24Use proper prototype for functionDirk Engling
2022-05-24Make static buffers scopedDirk Engling
2022-05-24Remove external status variable from connection code. Use return code to signal dead connectionDirk Engling
2022-05-24Make static input line buf function scopedDirk Engling
2022-05-21Guard memset_s. Use explicit_bzero on openbsd and linuxDirk Engling
2022-05-21Reformatted using clang-format -format llvmDirk Engling
2022-05-21Add an option to invert the window bars instead of coloring themDirk Engling
2022-05-21Bump version to 0.20Dirk Engling
2022-05-21Make ncurses default againDirk Engling
2022-05-21Tidy up confusing formattingDirk Engling
2022-05-21Fix typoDirk Engling
2022-05-21Tidy up the MakefileDirk Engling
2022-05-21Dont exit on quit signalDirk Engling
2022-05-21Minor formatting issuesDirk Engling
2022-05-21Fix typosDirk Engling
2022-05-21Handle several verify resultsDirk Engling
2022-05-20Check pinned fingerprints and add much more error checksDirk Engling