AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-25formatterabstract-io-libsDirk Engling
2022-05-25formatterDirk Engling
2022-05-25Make tls engine runtime configurableDirk Engling
2022-05-24Use proper prototype for functionDirk Engling
2022-05-24Make static buffers scopedDirk Engling
2022-05-24Remove external status variable from connection code. Use return code to signal dead connectionDirk Engling
2022-05-24Make static input line buf function scopedDirk Engling
2022-05-21Guard memset_s. Use explicit_bzero on openbsd and linuxDirk Engling
2022-05-21Reformatted using clang-format -format llvmDirk Engling
2022-05-21Add an option to invert the window bars instead of coloring themDirk Engling
2022-05-21Bump version to 0.20Dirk Engling
2022-05-21Make ncurses default againDirk Engling
2022-05-21Tidy up confusing formattingDirk Engling
2022-05-21Fix typoDirk Engling
2022-05-21Tidy up the MakefileDirk Engling
2022-05-21Dont exit on quit signalDirk Engling
2022-05-21Minor formatting issuesDirk Engling
2022-05-21Fix typosDirk Engling
2022-05-21Handle several verify resultsDirk Engling
2022-05-20Check pinned fingerprints and add much more error checksDirk Engling
2022-05-20Add cert and key match checkDirk Engling
2022-05-20Enforce exactly one of the tls libs to be enabledDirk Engling
2022-05-20Add ciphersuite parser and converter for openssl ciphersuite namesDirk Engling
2022-05-20Check for more errors and dump the cert info to the userDirk Engling
2022-05-20Make mbedtls version dispatch more readableDirk Engling
2022-05-20Move pinned fingerprint handler out of openssls scopeDirk Engling
2022-05-20ensure that the format string is constDirk Engling
2022-05-20Remove library path used on brewDirk Engling
2022-05-20Implement a happy path mbedtls wrapperDirk Engling
2022-05-18Simplify tls code by removing all unused functions to allow for more generic helpers that can be used across lib wrappersDirk Engling
2022-05-17Remove one debug statementDirk Engling
2022-05-17Use a staging area to glue newlines to outgoing messages before sending them in two packetsDirk Engling
2022-05-17Get rid of some warningsDirk Engling
2022-05-17Move packet handler and line splitting to vchat-connection.cDirk Engling
2022-05-17Add -2 return code to read() calls that may feature an EAGAINDirk Engling
2022-05-17Rework line detectionDirk Engling
2022-05-16Only set ca file if it exists. Prevents error in openssl for the default pathDirk Engling
2022-05-16Decouple IO openssl's BIO abstraction and split connection and tls handling to allow for other TLS libsDirk Engling
2019-09-15Set loggedin to false when connection breaksDirk Engling
2017-05-06Add more cleanup code on connection lossDirk Engling
2016-08-27Adapt to openssl 1.1.0 APIDirk Engling
2016-04-15Reformat fingerprint display for better readabilityDirk Engling
2016-04-15Fix last patch (that was committed blindly)Dirk Engling
2016-04-15Make fingerprint pinning an optionDirk Engling
2016-04-15add chompDirk Engling
2016-04-15More fixes to fingerprint checker codeDirk Engling
2016-04-15Fix fingerprint verification codeDirk Engling
2016-04-15Also allow ignoring SSL error, if fingerprinting is enabledDirk Engling
2015-01-19Username checks need to terminate at 0, not at strlen(g_nick)Dirk Engling
2014-11-16Check for error allocating tls structDirk Engling